Thursday, August 26, 2010

8/26 newspurge: do you know the score?

9/11 updates:
ground zero mosque imam is globalist cfr stooge*
ground zero mosque imam is globalist cfr stoogefox news co-owner funded mosque imam*
rauf's wife injects more religious fervor into ground zero debate*
religious leaders speak out against 'international burn a quran day'*
florida mosque bombed; fbi calls for help; national media mute*
video: black construction worker chased away from ground zero by crazed mob*
taxi driver stabbed after passenger asks if he's muslim*
video: grayson slams mosque 'distraction':
talk about admin that let 9/11 happen instead
missing the truth: nytimes 'covers' a 9/11 truth gathering*
video: 'building what?' campaign hits nyc tv*

chemist says mercs applying corexit at night*
portions of gulf so toxic that animals are 'trying to crawl out of the water'*
1000s of dead fish surface at mouth of mississippi river*
plastic pollution in the atlantic ocean*
uninsured slow to sign up for coverage; 2 sign up in nj*
US postal service tests bioterror response*
artificial plant harvests kinetic energy*
brazil witnesses 'fire tornado'*

cannabis electric car to be made in canada*
2011 pot legalization push begins at hempfest*
my kushy new job: gq writer works at a marijuana coffee shop*
13 bears surround police in pot field*
ebonics speakers needed to work for drug enforcement administration*

dna tests show hitler likely had jewish, african roots*
oswald & his 12 handlers; part one: mother, meyer & the spotters*
tabloid: katie holmes as jackie kennedy*

holy hexes:
kubrick's widow loses daughter to scientology*
troops punished after refusing to attend evangelical concert*

court: death threats addressed to corporations aren't illegal*
court: death threats addressed to corporations aren't illegalvideo: police identify suspect in suspicious texas shooting*
video: patrick gray sharp oddities from culhavoc*
43 killed in chinese plane crash*
3 colombian teens on facebook hit list killed in past 10 days*
video: 'craigslist killer' wrote ex-fiancee's name in blood before killing himself in prison*

oregon jets scramble to seattle after air force 1 space violation*
other govts investigating bush torture; obama admin quiet*
video: former obamanoid rejects 'illusion of change'*

oregon oddities:
human remains found on mt. hood*
health advisory issued for popular lake near portland*

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