Thursday, April 29, 2010

4/29 newspurge: let the poison spill

homeland security probing blast that sank oil rig*
homeland security probing blast that sank oil rigcoast guard burning some gulf slick oil*
video: state of emergency declared as oil spill nears louisiana*
video: gulf oil spill presents a political challenge to obama's offshore drilling plans*
remember that ash cloud? it didn't exist, says new evidence*
skull & bones kerry says shell, bp & conoco to back climate bill*
al gore op-ed: denialists in denial*

govt report says global warming may cause cancer, mental illness*
australia puts carbon trading scheme on hold*
h1n1 vaccines near expiration as flu strain's anniversary passes*
flu shot fatality: toddler dies 12 hours after having vaccination*
big brother to track your medication compliance with electronic transmitters in pills*
will national healthcare require national rfid chips?*
video: the new & improved flu scam 2010!*
glaxo smith kline profits climb on healthy sales of swine flu vaccine*
npr & the mass drugging meme: when the 'trust hormone' is out of balance*
9-bin recycling system introduced in uk*
china to sterilise 10k to ensure 'family planning' targets*
doctors sterilise uzbek women by stealth*
proliferation experts worry bioattacks being ignored*
lawsuit over army chemical weapons stockpile in pueblo, colorado settled*
video: ny considers stealing organs from citizens*

r.i.p. jack herer: 'the hemperor' is laid to rest*
majority wants to treat pot like alcohol*
mexico extradites drug cartel leader wanted in US for 25 years; US sends noriega to france*
coca cultivation rises in colombia 'despite a huge american-funded counter-drug program'*

colleague defends anthrax suspect ivins*
colleague says anthrax numbers add up to unsolved case*
fbi official story of anthrax mailings 'impossible' says army microbiologist*
armenian genocide: 95yrs later, it must be recognized*
2 living witnesses of jfk assassination pass away*

drop in cigarette use mirrors drop in smoking in movies*
islamic fascism in america: the silencing of south park*

as obama visits coal country, many are wary of his environmental policies*
as obama visits coal country, many are wary of his environmental policiesblackmail: how the controlling elite owns politicians*
graham withdraws support for dem legislation a week after blackmail charge*
culture of dc is totally & completely corrupt*
rnc accuses obama of shredding constitution, nominating sex-offender defenders*
laura bush opens up about crash that killed her boyfriend*
video: laura says they may've been poisoned at '07 g8 in germany*
possible supreme court pick had ties with goldman sachs*
obama's shadow government*

suicides by veterans average 18 a day*
18 veterans kill themselves every day: report*
law prof says drone pilots could be tried for war crimes*
afghanistan violence up nearly 90% in last year*
90,000 protest US base on okinawa*
azerbaijani mp says US to use armenia to attack iran*
ron paul: house just passed another warmongering bill*
iranian plane buzzes carrier in middle east*
more than 50% of US govt spending goes to the military*
the instruments of worldwide domination:
obama admin spending billions on new global strike weapons
pentagon: boost training with computer/troop mind meld*
military wants to super-charge troop smarts*
US subpoenas nytimes reporter over book on cia*

wv worry:
massey energy shareholders sue board of directors*
mine safety admin evacuates 3 west virginia mines*
man dies after being crushed at west virginia mine*
what's eating US? 'food revolution' not just made for tv*
flashback: 'food revolution' off to contentious & hopeful start in huntington, wv*

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