Thursday, May 27, 2010

police state updates: secret rooms, secret files

US postal service expands construction of secret rooms*
US postal service expands construction of secret roomshomegrown terrorist threat to be part of national security strategy*
document says number of attempted attacks on US is at all-time high*
the toronto g20 police state crackdown*
toronto gets 'sound cannons' for g20*
canada: $1b on summit security well worth it*
darpa cam spots the 'non-cooperative'*
federal protective service chief gets new job at dhs*
national guard leaders observe israel's nationwide exercise*
uk cops keep secret files on 19k protesters*
who first called attention to the times square time bomb? a muslim*
the tsa's mini-watch list*
16 terror suspects slipped through airport security in US*
private corporation building detention camps across america*
new uk govt to curb cctv, scrap id cards, help open source*
deportation nightmare for eduardo caraballo;
US citizen born in puerto rico detained as illegal immigrant
feds issue terror watch for the tex/mex border*
feds declare terror alert on texas border*
17 states now filing versions of arizona's immigration bill sb1070*
eads directs air defense exercise over rome, georgia*
norad exercise flights planned over minneapolis to fargo*
air force fighters patrol twin cities' skies*
byu holds bioterror simulation*
waynewood, virginia neighbors gear up for emergencies*
fdny fireboat to protect against biological, chemical threats*
house votes to expand national dna arrest database*
maryland citizens face felony charges for recording cops*
video: motorcyclist faces jail time for recording traffic stop*
woman shot & killed in yuba city, cali home after census confrontation*
census takers targeted 113 times this month*
florida mother fakes arrest of 5yr-old son for playing with matches*
state law allows police acting as teachers to taser school children*
she says $24k rolex gone from airport screening belt; security says, what rolex?*
video: california cops shut down 7yr-old's lemonade stand*

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