Sunday, June 10, 2012

Media/Memes: Twilight Time

Can You Answer 25 Difficult Questions The Mainstream Media Refuses To?*
Media/Memes: Twilight TimeHouse Republicans Reject FCC Rule to Force TV Stations to Publish Who Paid for Political Ads*
Video: The arrogance and failure of news media*
Boy Has Seizure Over Gory Scene in Prometheus*
Gory Prometheus Scene Gives Young Boy A Seizure*
Blade Runner: 30 Years of Synchromysticism - Part 1 (Tyrell 2019 + Weyland 2023)*
Blade Runner: 30 Years of Synchromysticism - Part 2 (Aztec-Mayan Symbolism)*
Audio: Steve Carell Says 'Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World' Could Be Tough Sell*
Net Fame Doc 'Me at the Zoo', featuring Freeman, debuts on HBO Jun25*
Me at the Zoo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia*
South Park "What What (in the Butt)" Wins Court Claim*
'Green Acres' actor Frank Cady dies at 96*
Rare '60s Audio: Kubrick's Interview w/ The New Yorker*
'Game Of Thrones' Creators Say Use Of George W. Bush's Decapitated Head On A Pike Wasn't Politically Motivated*
Metallica helps FBI try to catch Virginia killer*
#Audio #Satire: New Movie From Pixar Will Totally Fuck With Kids' Minds*
Herb Reed, last original member of the Platters, dies 83*
Video: The Platters "Twilight Time"*
Erykah Badu doesn’t like The Flaming Lips’ video for “The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face”*
Video: School prefers mindless pop to patriotism*

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