Thursday, September 30, 2010

9/30 newspurge: floating vibes

about 100 arrested in mountaintop mining protest*
about 100 arrested in mountaintop mining protest100s feared dead in mexico mudslide*
video: wjla fires veteran dc anchor after citing bp ties to obama*
antibacterial soaps contain endocrine-disruptors capable of interfering with hormones critical for normal development & reproduction*
video: gary wolf on 'bio-feedback'*

medical marijuana growers join teamsters union*
t-mobile sued for blocking marijuana texts*

the left-right paradigm is over:
it's you vs. corporations

income inequality in US reaches record high*
US govt 'hiding true amount of debt'*
shut down the fed, part2*
ex-city manager among 8 arrested in cali scandal*
US to increase watch over foreign money transfers*
china's dark side: on yellow river, corpses mean cash*
'toxic bank' cement truck blocks irish parliament*
video: european cities hit by anti-austerity protests*
video: webster tarpley on failures of globalism*

france on high alert for 'possible terrorist attacks'*
pentagon says: 2 russian aircraft buzzed US warship*
un fact-finding mission says israelis 'executed' US citizen furkan dogan*
breaking: military coup under way in ecuador*
flashback: greg palast interviewed ecuadorian president correa in '08 - 'ecuador is no longer for sale'*

in 1932, fox helped make propaganda films for hitler*
sounds of history 'at great risk', say US researchers*

holy hexes:
are christian, jewish & muslim fundamentalists taking us back to the dark ages?*
are christian, jewish & muslim fundamentalists taking us back to the dark ages?that's right, it was all a muslim plot to blow up the pope*
missing 'cult-like' group found alive after suicide fears*
original police alert: 6 adults, 8 children plan suicide*
copycat effect: rapture cult suicide alert*
for first time in months, obama attends church publicly*
occult-obsessed elite claim christine o'donnell is a witch*
pope's astronomer says he would baptise an alien if it asked him*
vatican bank faces money-laundering probe*
is anti-gay pastor's homophobia a smokescreen?*
uk political drama follows biblical pattern*

mockingbird news media viewership declines sharply*
american people to corporate media: we don't trust anything you say*
video: bill maher digs up o'donnell 'witchcraft' clip*
colbert: dem's trained clown brought out to distract from obama doj scandal*
video: stephen colbert's opening statement*
bono's one foundation under fire for giving tiny percentage of funds to charity*
greg giraldo, insult-humor comedian, dead of overdose at 44*
arthur penn, director of 'bonnie & clyde,' dies at 88*
screen star tony curtis dead at 85*

middle-aged suicide rates rise in US*
woman, 41, is executed in virginia*
video: 2 shot, gunman killed at texas army base*
fbi investigates fort bliss murder/suicide*
segway millionaire with defense industry ties to uk/US militaries found dead*
video: police say man kills self after shooting at ut austin*
amazing 'coincidence': ut shooting cancels pro-gun speech*
criminal justice university: 8 gunmen that went postal*
copycat effect: nfl suicides*
award-winning tarantino film editor, sally menke, found dead in hollywood hills*
prosecutor in stevens corruption trial commits suicide*
video: nj residents say man fell from sky... but where is he?*

an exhaustive, graphic illustration of all of the differences between the modern democratic & republican parties*
an exhaustive, graphic illustration of all of the differences between the modern democratic & republican partiesand they're out! congress flees dc to campaign*
as november nears, voters turn backs on both parties*
americans renew call for third party*
obama admin predicts small scale terror… in time for elections, again?*
graham: 'we have to get hit again'*
federal probe muddies wv senate race*
ig report exposes fbi exam cheating scandal*
scotus starts new term oct4 with tech & civil rights cases*
obama argues his assassination program is a 'state secret'*
video: obama calls for longer school year*
fmr pres carter hospitalized with 'stomach virus'*
larry summers, obama's top economic adviser, leaving*
rahm emanuel expected to announce resignation oct1; pete rouse expected to step in*

oregon oddities:
oregon hunters repeatedly shoot down google fibre*
portland architect admits to being part of international child porn network*

wv worry:
video: wv kids some of the poorest in the nation*
massey officials file suit to avoid testifying about mine disaster*

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