Wednesday, September 29, 2010

police state updates: surveillance & apple pie

fbi raids on antiwar activists -
intimidation, not investigation

fbi raids on antiwar activists - intimidation, not investigationfbi launches mass raids of antiwar activists' homes*
feds expand war of terror, raid antiwar activists*
spying on its citizens: as american as apple pie*
the mysterious institute that spied on pennsylvania anti-drilling activists*
pennsylvania's homeland security chief goes in hiding*
video: counter-terror operation stops trucks on i-20 in atlanta*
feds radiating americans at internal checkpoints*
tsa to expand number of employees who will have secret clearances* - crowd sourcing crime prevention*
dhs will require minimum delay of 72hrs before flying as of nov1?*
big sis tries to force body scanners on other countries amidst backlash*
underwear bomber eyewitness, kurt haskell, on upcoming trial*
unruly passenger forces amsterdam flight's return to seattle*
boeing gets $89m to build unmanned aircraft that can stay aloft for 5yrs*
video: fbi informant divulges past in bronx terror plot trial*
video: real-time security cameras link nyc subway hubs*
orlando policeman breaks 84yr-old's neck*
terror attack to unseat chicago's mayor daley? enter rahmbo*
experts question shooting of arizona deputy*
mock drills held hours before new delhi metro station's real attack*
rothschild/cia publications attack 'constitution-worshipers'*
are americans too constitution-obsessed?*
video: & council member meltdown in vancouver city, wa

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