Thursday, July 08, 2010

7/8 newspurge: walk tall

marijuana busts 'where the money is' for cops*
marijuana busts 'where the money is' for copspot vs alcohol: experts say booze is the bigger danger*
national guard troops invading neighborhoods to 'fight drugs'*
video: ny natl guard using gamma ray scanning machines*

obama says israel has right to nuclear capability for 'deterrence purposes'*
saudi king says israel, iran don't deserve to exist*

leaked luntz poll: majority of US don't support israeli flotilla raid*
US gives 'secret guarantee' to israel*
ahmadinejad brands US world's dictator ahead of summit*
queen challenges un to lead in confronting dangers*
cold war remix: spy suspect swap appears in works*
the deported: russian spies plead guilty, sent packing*
inside the ring: russia flying strategic nuclear bombers near US & canadian airspace*
the russian bear awakens*
ukraine, nato to hold joint military exercise*

holy hexes:
to di for: occult jam made from princess diana's hair*
connecticut priest stole $1m to pay for male escorts*

arrest made in los angles 'grim sleeper' serial killings*
abducted 4yr-old missouri girl found alive, person of interest shoots himself*
attacks on census workers nearly triple since 2000*

obama treasonously sides with mexico vs arizona*
obama bypasses senate (again) for new medicare chief*
obama to make recess appointment of cms administrator 'expert on rationing'*
vp biden in iraq on surprise visit*

obama selects general who likes killing muslims to centcom*
gates sends mattis to centcom*
osama chef pleads guilty at gitmo tribunal*
US warships cause anger in costa rica*

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