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Friday, March 16, 2012

#Newspurge: Patience (Over Anxiety) + Updates

'Is the Economy Recovering for You?'*

Higher Gas Prices Threaten Economy If They Persist*
Gasoline Pushes Consumer Prices to 10-Month High*
Exec Slams Goldman Sachs In Open Resignation Op-Ed*
Energy Sec Steven Chu Retracts Infamous Gas Price Comment*
Growing Antitax Movement Shows Irish Stoicism Wearing Thin*
Video: New IRS licensing scheme challenged in major federal lawsuit*
World’s Biggest Employer…U.S. Defense Department*

Video: Da Vinci's Lost Masterpiece May Be Found*

Da Vinci's Lost Masterpiece May Be FoundVideo: Art Researchers Claim They Have Found Long-Lost Leonardo Da Vinci Masterpiece in Florence*
New Human Species Discovered?
How China Fossils Could Redefine 'Human'
New Dinosaur Discovered Through Bones Found In Alberta*
Convicted Nazi criminal John Demjanjuk dies at 91*
Amelia Earhart object of new high-tech search*
Researchers say new clue may help uncover fate of Amelia Earhart 75 years after disappearance*
Secret files reveal 9,000 Nazi war criminals fled to South America after WWII*

Romneys vs Rockefellers: Tapped in Tampa?*

NBC News pulls Ron Paul's last embedded reporter*
African Press Intl Reports 'Genuine Birth Certificate surfaces'*
Osama Has No Death Certificate And Obama Has No Birth Certificate*
Malia Obama 'safe' after earthquake in Mexico*
Etch A Sketch takes center stage in GOP fight*
Ron Paul blasts Obama for killing Americans*
Is Ron Paul Secretly Winning The Missouri Caucus?*
Video: Whatever happened to Ron Paul?*

Police State Updates:
Obama Executive Order Takes Control of All US Resources*

New York State Set to Add All Convict DNA to Its Database*
Video: Attack dogs used against High Schoolers for planned protest and thought crimes*
TSA Considering Automating ID Checks*
Job seekers getting asked for Facebook passwords*
Video: "Your First Amendment Right Can Be Terminated"*

Titanic Memes:
Audio: U.S.S. Enterprise leaves for final deployment*

Robot-like equipment to aid search for bodies in Costa Concordia ship wreck off Italian coast*
2 Israeli warships leave Port Said after crossing Suez Canal*

Monday, October 17, 2011

#OccupyWallStreet movement marks one month anniversary

video: thom hartmann on #ows anniversary*
from wamc: The "Occupy Wall Street" movement marked its one month anniversary Monday, as demonstrations spread to new places. But, questions remain about whether the protests can turn into political action... The various protests under the "Occupy Wall Street" theme are not centrally organized, but are unified by the belief that too much power and wealth rests in the hands of just one percent of the population. The demonstrators have tied this to all matter of social ills, including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the foreclosure crisis and high unemployment.

police state updates:
state dept-funded agitator in dc advising occupy crowds*

attacks on ron paul by 'operation wall street' insiders*
#ows call for 'global governance'*
is #ows a communist movement run by socialists who wish to bring down 'free enterprise' system?*
poll: majority of zuccotti park #ows would vote for obama, again*
coming soon - 'real world: occupy wall street'?*
racial tensions at occupy philly?*
insider says “something terrible is coming… so for now, i'm getting out" of nyc*
cia officer holds mystery assignment at nypd*
govt refuses foia request for 'secret' interpretation of patriot act*
darpa hopes to sniff out who has fallen prey to dangerous ideas*
tsa expanding 'chat-downs' experiment to detroit*
video: tennessee becomes first state to 'fight terrorism' statewide: 'department of safety & homeland security partners with federal, state agencies for statewide safety operation'*
is the US declaration of independence illegal?*

does one 'super-corporation' run the global economy?
coming derivatives crisis could destroy global financial system*
new reality for cities: no money for street lights, roving packs of wild dogs & open-air drug markets*
US 'misery index' rises to highest since 1983*
pennsylvania district allows advertising in public schools*
unpaid student loans top $1t*
1st-class stamp will cost 45 cents in january*
tsa spent $56.8b to keep us safe, did it work?*
napolitano says dhs authorizing illegals to work in US*
mexican trucks due to begin going deep into US*

Monday, September 26, 2011

#OccupyWallStreet US police 'maced peaceful protesters' in new york

US police 'maced peaceful protesters' in new yorkfrom channel4: The #OccupyWallStreet campaign said police confined a small number of protesters before spraying them with mace. Clips of the alleged incident have appeared across social media – however, Channel 4 News cannot verify the footage independently. The New York Police Department has so far not responded to a Channel 4 News request for its response to the allegations. Protesters say they want to show their anger at, among other things, corporate greed and social inequality. So far, it is reported more than 100 people have been arrested... Police tactics have been compared to those used during the 2004 Republican convention when the NYPD made sweeping arrests of several hundred demonstrators before dropping charges against almost all of them... The alleged mace incident is the latest clash between campaigners and police since the occupation began on 17 September. Over the past few days, police barricades have prevented protesters from reaching the United Nations where the general assembly has been meeting.

related police state updates:
tarpley: don't let soros hijack the movement*

pepper-spraying cop accused of abusing bush protesters in '04 *
#OccupyWallStreet protests slowly spreads across US*
video: #OccupyChicago protest enters fifth day*
dc tests disaster planning in city-wide drill*
even those cleared of crimes can stay on fbi's terrorist watchlist*
border bill would expand homeland security powers*
green bay packers' security personnel 'ratchet up safety measures' at lambeau field*
video: 'black sunday' - it could be tomorrow!*

Saturday, August 14, 2010

obama defends right to build ground zero mosque

obama defends right to build ground zero mosquefrom bbc: US President Barack Obama has staunchly defended controversial plans to build a mosque near Ground Zero in New York. Opponents have protested against the construction of an Islamic cultural centre and mosque several hundred feet away from the site of the Twin Towers. Mr Obama acknowledged "sensitivities" surround the 9/11 site, but said Muslims have the same right to practise their religion "as anyone else ... Our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakeable," Mr Obama said. Since a New York developer announced plans to build a 13-storey Islamic community centre and mosque about two blocks from the former World Trade Center site, prominent Republican politicians and a host of conservative pundits have attacked the project. Some relatives of people killed in the terror attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001 are also opposed to the plan.

related 9/11 updates:
'hallowed ground': off-track-betting & gentlemen's club also near ground zero mosque*
secret terror tapes of 9/11 plotter ramzi binalshibh found under cia desk*
when cia destroyed interrogation tapes, they missed one set*
cia tapes of 9/11 detainee's interrogation don't show torture, official says*
obama comes out in favor of 9/11 health bill; will sign 'zadroga bill' into law*

obamessiah updates:
bombshell: barack obama conclusively outed as cia creation*
the stunning decline of barack obama:
10 key reasons why presidency is in meltdown
obama goes for a swim in the gulf – or does he?*
video: tarpley on neocon petraeus, pullout & pres 2012*

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

econocrash updates: competing currencies & scary graphs

video: competing currency being accepted in michigan
from connect mid-michigan: New types of money are popping up across Mid-Michigan and supporters say, it's not counterfeit, but rather a competing currency. Right now, you can buy a meal or visit a chiropractor without using actual U.S. legal tender. They sound like real money and look like real money. But you can't take them to the bank because they're not made at a government mint. They're made at private mints. "I sell three or four every single day and then I get one or two back a week," said Dave Gillie, owner of Gillies Coney Island Restaurant in Genesee Township. Gillie also accepts silver, gold, copper and other precious metals to pay for food. He says, if he wanted to, he could accept marbles. "Do people have to accept dollars or money? No, they don't," Gillie said. "They can accept anything they want or they can refuse to accept anything." He's absolutely right. The U.S. Treasury Department says the Coinage Act of 1965 says "private businesses are free to develop their own policies on whether or not to accept cash, unless there is a state law which says otherwise."

half of US have less than $2k banked for 'retirement'

Thursday, July 08, 2010

police state updates: seeing something & saying something

making a police state out of the empire state*
military cops make police state out of empire statenyc subway bomb plot linked to british al-qaeda cell, feds say*
3 al-qaeda suspects arrested in norway over links to ny/uk plots*
g20 investigation goes high-tech; biometrics will find protesters*
swipe, smile, blow: pennsylvania gets wine vending machines*
video: military patrols beach in panama city*
uk surveillance system monitors all*
scotland allows collection of kid's dna*
airline loses luggage of israeli security detail; 4 guns missing*
polish troops in chicago for 'exercises'*
body scanners won't be in dubai airports*
i-75 bohemian grove billboard near georgia/florida border*

7/8 newspurge: walk tall

marijuana busts 'where the money is' for cops*
marijuana busts 'where the money is' for copspot vs alcohol: experts say booze is the bigger danger*
national guard troops invading neighborhoods to 'fight drugs'*
video: ny natl guard using gamma ray scanning machines*

obama says israel has right to nuclear capability for 'deterrence purposes'*
saudi king says israel, iran don't deserve to exist*

Monday, March 29, 2010

all public safety & police radios down in district of criminals

all public safety & police radios down in district of criminalsfrom myfoxdc: D.C. Police sources tell FOX 5 that radio communications are down citywide in the District, and police officers on the street have no way to receive or respond to calls via radio.

Sources tell FOX 5 that communication went down sometime around 7:15 p.m. on Monday night. That source also told FOX 5's Will Thomas that officers in the field have no way to respond to calls from dispatch via radio.

Some officers were returning to headquarters, and some were being asked to communicate by cell phone while the outage is investigated and repaired. The D.C. Office of Unified Communication is working on the issue, but there's no word what caused it...

A police union spokesperson told FOX 5 this may not be the first time the radio system has gone down in the last month.

Monday, March 15, 2010

lehman collapse: what did geithner know & when did he know it?

ny fed under geithner implicated in lehman accounting fraud
lehman collapse: what did geithner know & when did he know it?from allgov: Lehman Brothers managed to conceal from the outside world a multi-billion-dollar mess that was years in the making, according to an audit investigation released last week. But the size and scope of Lehman’s manipulative accounting has led some Wall Street critics to wonder what the New York branch of the Federal Reserve — led then by current Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner — knew about the scheming that eventually led to the venerable bank’s collapse in 2008.

The audit report by Anton Valukas, the United States Trustee in the Lehman Brothers case, states that Lehman executives carried out “materially misleading” accounting tricks that hid billions of dollars in debt from regulators. Known internally as “Repo 105,” the bank’s leaders began as early as 2001 to move huge amounts of money—eventually $50 billion—off its books to “conceal its dependence on leverage, or borrowed money,” as The New York Times put it. “Repo” stands for “repurchase agreement,” or extremely short-term loans.

But Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism wonders if Lehman realistically could have hidden a fraud so large from the New York Fed, given Geithner’s close relationship with leading figures on Wall Street. “It also emerges that the NY Fed, and thus Timothy Geithner, were at a minimum massively derelict in the performance of their duties, and may well be culpable in aiding and abetting Lehman in accounting fraud and Sarbox violations,” writes Smith, referring to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. “We need to demand an immediate release of the e-mails, phone records, and meeting notes from the NY Fed and key Lehman principals regarding the NY Fed’s review of Lehman’s solvency.”

3/18 econocrash updates:
record-setting number of americans pay no income tax*
detroit family homes sell for just $10*
irs visits sacramento carwash in pursuit of 4 cents*
US & uk move closer to losing aaa rating*
fmr president of just-failed bank arrested on bank bribery, embezzlement & fraud charges*
how can anyone claim that the housing crisis is over when the delinquency rate on US mortgages continues to explode at an exponential rate?*
tobin tax, wall st sales tax, robin hood tax -
britain & europe demand banksters pay for depression they created

12 key policy decisions that led to the financial cataclysm*
uk taxpayer will pay tens of billions of euros for greek rescue*
video: pink slips sent to 1,000's of california teachers*
more evidence that banks create credit out of thin air*
blockbuster's latest sec filing indicates that bankruptcy is a very real option for the company*
11 economic headlines that make you wonder what in the world is actually going on*
the american dream has moved abroad*
soaring debt increases risk of social unrest worldwide*
deutsche bank, jpmorgan, ubs are charged with fraud*
video: new york state tax refunds put on hold*

Saturday, February 13, 2010

drugwar persists despite mixed messages & propaganda

despite obama promise, dea still raids medical pot growers
despite obama promise, dea still raids medical pot growersfrom raw story: On Thursday, a Denver news station interviewed Chris Bartkowicz about his medical-marijuana operation in the basement of his home. Bartkowicz, confident of his compliance with state laws, boasted of its size and profitability. "I'm definitely living the dream now," he told 9News. The following day, the dream was over. Drug-enforcement agents raided his home, placed him under arrest, and carried off dozens of black bags of marijuana plants and growing lights. The Obama administration promised in October that the federal government would respect state laws allowing the growing and selling of marijuana for medicinal use, but the Drug Enforcement Agency sent a loud message with the arrest of Bartkowicz.

flashbacks: US waves white flag in disastrous 'war on drugs', first US marijuana cafe opens in portland, oregon &
more media/memes on legalizing & taxing marijuana

Sunday, January 31, 2010

US drops plan for 9/11 trials in nyc

US drops plan for 9/11 trials in nycfrom nytimes: The Obama administration on Friday gave up on its plan to try the Sept. 11 plotters in Lower Manhattan, bowing to almost unanimous pressure from New York officials and business leaders to move the terrorism trial elsewhere.

I think I can acknowledge the obvious,” an administration official said. “We’re considering other options.”

The reversal on whether to try the alleged 9/11 terrorists blocks from the former World Trade Center site seemed to come suddenly this week, after Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg abandoned his strong support for the plan and said the cost and disruption would be too great.

But behind the brave face that many New Yorkers had put on for weeks, resistance had been gathering steam.

After a dinner in New York on Dec. 14, Steven Spinola, president of the Real Estate Board of New York, pulled aside David Axelrod, President Obama’s closest adviser, to convey an urgent plea: move the 9/11 trial out of Manhattan.

More recently, in a series of presentations to business leaders, local elected officials and community representatives of Chinatown, Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly laid out his plan for securing the trial: blanketing a swath of Lower Manhattan with police checkpoints, vehicle searches, rooftop snipers and canine patrols.

They were not received well,” said one city official.

republicans unite to halt trials of alleged 9/11 plotters
from afp: US lawmakers Tuesday unveiled plans to block public funding for US-based trials involving Guantanamo detainees who are accused of plotting the September 11, 2001 attacks. Republican lawmakers Frank Wolf and Lindsey Graham joined forces to introduce legislation which "would explicitly block this dangerous and wasteful trial from any domestic civilian court," Wolf said. They also won support from Democrats Jim Webb and Blanche Lincoln, as well as independent senator Joe Lieberman. If approved, the legislation would stop the Justice Department from using public funds to try the alleged mastermind of the 2001 attacks, Khaled Sheikh Mohammed, and his four co-accused, in domestic US courts.

dc air natl guard on 9/11 & the many deaths of osama:
updates to the complete 9/11 timeline

from history commons: After a hiatus of a couple of weeks, dozens of new entries have been published in the 9/11 Timeline over the last few days. The largest chunk of them covers events at the DC Air National Guard, based at Andrews Air Force Base, on the day of the attacks. Initially, officers assumed that the first crash into the WTC was an accident. However, after the second crash, Andrews learned the Secret Service wanted fighters launched. Although the Secret Service then said it didn’t on the phone, pilots started overwriting recent exercise data on their flight disks... There are also several new entries about Osama bin Laden, for whom al-Qaeda offered to arrange a TV interview in October 2001. After the interview had been done, western intelligence naturally managed to come into possession of it before it was broadcast by Al Jazeera. We also have some more about bin Laden’s health. He died of lung problems in December 2001, was buried in an earthquake in 2005, and expired in Iran in 2006, all of which makes his near-death condition in 2007 remarkable.

Monday, December 07, 2009

murder/mayhem: the rage contagion continues

questions remain regarding ft hood massacre*
questions remain regarding ft hood massacrepentagon to probe 'internal weaknesses' behind ft hood shooting*
covering up cia mind control at ft hood? govt 'investigates' itself with 'independent' review by 'ex-cia' william webster*
levin: 'significant evidence' ft hood shooting was 'terrorism'*
ft hood suspect hasan paralyzed*
video: radical cleric didn’t advocate violence in emails to hasan*
agencies reporting to white house on ft hood shootings*
video: military hiding truth about ft hood shooting*
more charges for ft hood suspect*
ft hood suspect charged with attempted murder*
ft hood unit off to afghan war*
ft benning note threatens ft hood-style shooting*
4 US police officers shot dead near air force base*
4 police officers fatally shot near seattle*
copycat effect: forza ambush*
seattle police kill suspect in slayings of four officers, spokesman says*
cop killings in tacoma - mind control?*
suspect in US police killing shot dead*
seattle police ambush: cop-killing rampages up this year*
ny man kills fellow commuter over seat on train*
fbi: hate crimes rising in US*
man walks free over sword attack*
officials: census worker bound his hands, feet & mouth with duct tape, wrote 'fed' on his chest & hung himself*
4 shot dead at thanksgiving party*
friends mourn slain public defender in oregon*
5 killed in shooting on pacific island of saipan*
boat accident in democratic republic of the congo kills at least 73*
5 dead, ten critically injured after van carrying children rolls on louisiana highway*
US board says won't probe valero texas city blast*
william bennett update: accused lansdowne attacker pleads guilty to gun store burglary*
william bennett update: roberts receives 7yrs for loudoun guns robbery*
flashback: the murder of william bennett*

update: shooting at northern virginia community college*
student opens fire in virginia classroom; no injuries*

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

9/11 updates: terror trials, truth & consequences

the real reason only 5 detainees are coming to new york?
the real reason only 5 detainees are coming to new york?from history commons: US Attorney General Eric Holder recently announced that five detainees would be moved from Guantanamo Bay to New York, where they would stand trial for carrying out the 9/11 attacks. However, five other detainees will continue to be tried before military commissions, which have lower standards of evidence. The five detainees coming to New York have previously indicated they intend to plead guilty, although the five to be tried before military commissions have not.

The New York five are:Khalid Sheikh Mohammed;Ramzi bin al-Shibh; Ali Abdul Aziz Ali; Mustafa al-Hawsawi; and Khallad bin Attash. They indicated their intention to plead guilty at a hearing in Gunatanamo on 8 December 2008.

According to this McClatchy article, the five Holder says will be tried before military commissions are: Ibrahim al Qosi, who is trying to have incriminating statements he says were made under torture/coercion suppressed and wants to go home to Sudan; Omar Khadr, who is fighting the charges against him. His lawyers claim most of the evidence against him is based on statements he made under coercion; Ahmed al Darbi, who says he was tortured into confessing; Noor Uthman Mohammed, who denied many of the charges against him; and Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, who says he’s innocent and was also tortured into confessing.

As I pointed out earlier today, there is a lot of evidence against al-Nashiri. However, based on what I know of the Khadr case, he would stand a very good chance of acquittal, unless the bar was lowered from beyond reasonable doubt to “I guess he might have done it.” The other three to be tried before military commissions I don’t know much about.

Is it just a coincidence that the five detainees who have indicated they intend to plead guilty are going to New York, but the ones that are fighting the charges are getting military commissions?

related updates:
what happens if a 9/11 terrorist defendant is found not guilty?*
mukasey: 'very high' risk of attack over nyc 9/11 trial*
don’t execute khalid sheik mohammed*
nytimes book review: 'the ground truth'*
video: rethinking 9/11 -
why truth & reconciliation are better strategies than war

9/11 monuments to the 'scene of the crime'*
obama says ksm will be convicted & executed*
cia paid millions of dollars to isi since 9/11*
kean opposes ny 9/11 trial*
video: obama 'crossed the line' by predicting ksm death sentence*

11/20 update: 'heads i win, tails you lose':
holder says 9/11 accused to remain in prison even if acquitted*

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

9/11 updates: bin laden, bunker, cross, parliment & pandora's box

bin laden videotape not new, monitoring site says
bin laden videotape not new, monitoring site saysfrom reuters: A videotape of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden released on Friday is the Pashto-language version of a tape released several months ago, said IntelCenter, a U.S.-based terrorism monitoring firm. The tape, titled "To Our People in Pakistan," was broadly released in Arabic and Urdu on July 12, IntelCenter said. Excerpts had been aired by the Al Jazeera television network on June 3, it added. Earlier on Friday, IntelCenter had said al-Qaeda's as-Sahab Media had released a new video from bin Laden.

9/11's delayed legacy: cancer for many rescue workers

plans for security bunker at world trade center site still lacking
plans for security bunker at world trade center site still lackingfrom nydailynews: Eight years after terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center, the Port Authority still hasn't figured out where to put its crucial security bunker, the Daily News has learned. Plans for a central command post to monitor security at Ground Zero are far from complete: The agency has no final design, no set budget, no opening date and no location, officials confirm. Known as the SWOCC, the Site-Wide Operations Coordination Center was supposed to safeguard the public against terror threats and provide day-to-day management for the nation's No.1 terrorist target.

video: wtc cross finder calls for 9/11 truth
from 9/11 blogger: spoke to 1st Responder Frank Silecchia who discovered the famous steel cross recovered from Ground Zero. He supports 9/11 truth.

swedish member of parliament:
leading politicians support 9/11 truth movement

swedish member of parliament: leading politicians support 9/11 truth movementfrom truthnews: A Swedish Member of Parliament has pledged support for a new investigation into the events of 9/11, adding that prominent political figures support the view that elements of the U.S. government were involved in staging the attacks. An article headlined “The U.S. was part of the attack” in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, highlights comments made by MP Egon Frid of the country’s “Left Party”.

The U.S. administration knew of the terrorist attack before and was a part of it,” Frid said in an interview with Swedish TV network TV4 on it’s “Kalla Facts” (Hard Facts) programme... Frid also revealed that he has joined the “Political Leaders For 9/11 Truth” group, to which other notables have pledged support, such as Andreas von Buelow, former German State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Defense, Yukihisa Fujita, Japanese Member of Parliament, Michael Meacher, Minister of the British Parliament, Cynthia McKinney, Jesse Ventura, and many other political luminaries from all corners of the globe. The group was founded earlier this year, joining the growing ranks of professionals calling for a new independent investigation into 9/11, including the groups:

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth
Firefighters for 9/11 Truth
Journalists & Other Media Professionals for 9/11 Truth
Lawyers for 9/11 Truth
Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth
Pilots for 9/11 Truth
Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth
Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice
Veterans for 9/11 Truth

video: pandora's black box - flight of american 77

11/12 updates:
history commons: successful foia requests & more very partial foia successes*
300 seat airliner crash test will prove official 9/11 story false*

11/13 update: 'ny trial' for key 9/11 suspects
'ny trial' for key 9/11 suspectsfrom bbc: Alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will be sent from Guantanamo Bay to New York for trial in a civilian court, reports say. Citing unnamed government officials, the reports said he would be transferred from the US prison camp in Cuba with four other suspects. US Attorney General Eric Holder is expected to announce the decision later, the officials say.

Mr Mohammed has admitted planning the 9/11 attacks, the US military says. The five men have until now been facing prosecution at US military commissions in Guantanamo. But US President Barack Obama has made closing the detention camp a top priority. His administration says it will try some detainees in US courts and repatriate or resettle others who are not perceived as a threat.

However, questions remain over the fate of those assessed as dangerous but who for legal reasons could not be prosecuted in a US court - prompting suggestions that the 22 January closure deadline will slip. According to the reports, Mr Holder will also announce that a suspect in the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen will be tried at a military tribunal.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

police state int'l: enemies of the state, white noise & more

special ops report suggests assassination program aimed at 'jihadists, drug dealers, pirates & other enemies of the state'*
special ops report suggests assassination program aimed at 'jihadists, drug dealers, pirates & other enemies of the state'US needs hit squads, 'manhunting agency': special ops report*
fbi enlisting tattoo shops*
fbi documents reveal secret cia prisoners 'manacled to the ceiling'*
fbi operations manual raises concerns*
dhs approves enhanced tribal id cards*
natl guard exercise begins in buffalo region*
ny guard task force takes on rubble pile*
busy day 4 for exercise vigilant guard*
exercise vigilant guard concludes in western ny*
emergency responders prep for toxic terror attack*
whitehall plans 'white noise' phone network collapse*
pretend terrorists release fake radioactive poison in olympic drill*
vancouver prepares for olympics with mock terror attack*
vancouver olympic protesters are 'terrorists'*
legislation tabled to stop rcmp investigating itself*
uk grandma gripes about gay pride parade;
cops threaten to charge her for 'hate crimes'

9/11 updates: uss new york, drills, docs & destruction

navy vessel built with 9/11 steel sails up ny's hudson river
navy vessel built with 9/11 steel sails up ny's hudson riverfrom dpa: News reports said the USS New York stopped at a pier in lower Manhattan facing the new World Trade Center under construction to pay tribute for those killed in the September 11, 2001, attacks. Welcoming the vessel at the pier were police, firefighters, military personnel and family members of the victims. The vessel will dock at Pier 88 on the Hudson River alongside the USS Intrepid, now a floating museum visited by tourists, while visiting New York City.

amalgam virgo: doc reveals details of military exercise involving suicide pilot 3 months before 9/11*
rosie radio w/ william rodriguez on sirius*
nro, agency near pentagon, scheduled to practice response to simulated plane crash*
rep. sherman's office admits explosives found in the wtc dust –“…but not enough to bring down the towers."*
9/11 timeline additions: destruction of flight controllers' tape*

11/5 updates:
chomsky confronted on 9/11: admits lihop is 'conceivable'*
senate rejects effort to block civilian trials for 9/11 suspects*
video flashback: webster tarpley says the war on terror is a fraud*

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

drugwar: hayfork harvest, oregon pot school & more

marijuana growers upend hard-luck hayfork, california
marijuana growers upend hard-luck hayfork, californiafrom latimes: This hardscrabble Northern California town has become a hotbed for medical marijuana farming... Some students talk openly of farming pot after graduation, about the only opportunity in this depressed timber town. "It's not a subculture here," said [Supt. Tom] Barnett, who heads the Mountain Valley Unified School District. "Marijuana is drying in their houses. It's falling out of their pockets." Los Angeles isn't the only place struggling with repercussions unleashed by its permissive medical marijuana laws. Here in Trinity County, cannabis cultivation is upending the rural culture and economy of one of the state's most hard-luck regions... Fall harvest season brings strangers with dreadlocks and cash boxes. Some farmers guard their crops with electric fences, razor wire and snarling dogs. Hikers have been threatened at gunpoint for wandering too close to where they aren't wanted. "It's just torn the fabric of our society," said Judy Stewart, a 69-year-old retiree who has lived in Trinity County for more than 50 years. "It's pitted people against one another."

video: oregon university teaches people to grow pot

operation rotten apple: huge drug bust near yankee stadium
operation rotten apple: huge drug bust near yankee stadiumfrom abcnews: As ground crews were cleaning the fields of Yankee Stadium early this morning, 450 law officers were cleaning the streets of three drug gangs just ten blocks away. The three gangs had operated openly in two Bronx housing projects, selling crack cocaine and heroin. Officers seized glassine bags of heroin labeled "American Gangster," "Scorpion," and "Poison." They made 40 arrests and searched 22 locations. The main drug dealing operation shut down was dubbed "the Courtland Avenue Organization." Two other gangs were also shut down, federal and local authorities said.

former dea agent's lawsuit exposes cia 'fraud'

Saturday, September 26, 2009

yet another 9/11 widow calls for new investigation

interview with jane pollicino who lost her husband steve

from 9/11 blogger: Jane courageously speaks out in favor of a proper investigation into her husband's murder, spurred by the NYC CAN petition drive. She was one of the 50+ volunteers who helped prove that enough voters legally signed the historic petition. On the 27th of September, join NYC CAN and thousands of New Yorkers as they converge on the streets of the City to demand an impartial investigation into the events of Sept. 11, 2001. Jane is the reason why so many of us actively pursue Justice and Accountability.
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