Thursday, May 07, 2009

5/7 newspurge

9/11 updates:
fema: no records identifying wtc7 dod office*
microcinema intl acquires 'loose change 9/11: an american coup'*
microcinema gets rights to new 'loose change'*
'9/11 press for truth' to be shown on mainstream tv*
feds to seize land in order to build 9/11 memorial by 2011*

obamessiah & the apostles of war
obamas enjoy post-date stroll around lawn*
obamas enjoy post-date stroll around lawnobamas step out on first 'date' since moving into white house*
obama mum on first scotus appointment*
wapo: all the ex-president's excuses*
4th grader presses condi on waterboarding*
obama won't rule out torture*
obama considers u-turn on military trials for terror suspects*
video: no charges likely over ‘torture’ memos*
charges unlikely over secret memos*
details thin on stimulus contracts*
obama & hitler: history unfolding*
obama to be prayer day no-show*
kbr connected to alleged fraud, pentagon auditor says*
kbr contracts are 'majority' of fraud referrals*
behind brand obama*
obama cuts $17b from federal budget*
afghanistan war costs higher than iraq*
did obama just boost the pentagon budget, or cut it?
depends on which document you read
pentagon’s black budget grows to more than $50b*
military money shifts to afghanistan*
obama's budget eliminates new funding for nuclear detection*
obama releases details of $3.4t budget plan*

police state int'l
military police at the kentucky derby*
military police at the kentucky derbyflashback: hunter s thompson said the 2005 kentucky derby was fixed*
'hate crimes prevention act' sets foundation to destroy free speech*
american fascism*
census worker caught with gps*
US census field workers prompt flurry of calls*
obama supports treaty outlawing gun possession*
mall location gives chico, cali drills realistic touch*

savage banned from uk for political opinions*
US talk radio host banned*
gordon brown's youtube fightback
(shame about that swastika though)
blogging can kill you*
the militarization of education:
marine high school to open in atlanta
ft campbell, ky to host terrorism drill*
exercise total ram: hollywood-style explosions in canadian city*
100s sought for disaster drill in hopewell, nj*
ammo hard to find as gun owners stock up*
people 'running' into gun shows, panic buying ammo*
who you calling an extremist?*
boy arrested under the patriot act*
16yr-old american denied due process by patriot act*
mom says patriot act stripped son of due process*
bloggers & tv go nuts over misleading ‘patriot act’ arrest claim*
fbi mishandles terror watchlist*
400,000 still on terror watchlist, including author of book on rove*
wrongly accused people could have dna on database for 12yrs*

police battle rioters in berlin*
georgia claims russian-backed 'coup' underway*
manchester launch for id cards*
nato exercise begins amid tensions*
id cards scheme in terminal decay*
bid to transfer lockerbie bomber*
libya wants lockerbie bomber back*
no proof of russia’s hand in georgian mutiny*
georgian opposition: saakashvili staged coup*
member of uae royal family accused of torturing at least 25*
video: israel to blame for united nations building attacks*
chinese & american ships clash again in yellow sea*

flight 3407: alison des forges reconsidered*
flight 3407: attorneys die in plane crash*
flight 3407: ntsb hearings expected to focus on pilots*
runaway emu train collides with freight train in india*
12 hurt in dome collapse on dallas cowboys*
company's rivals question durability of cover for cowboys facility*
dutch assassin was taxi driver copycat*
indo-canadian teens kidnapped, found dead in car*
pakistani singer ayman udas ‘shot by her brothers for tv sin’*
wesleyan university shooting*
police: wesleyan suspect targeting school, jews*

samuel z batten: the new world order, 1919*
horse deaths tied to overdose*
africa's genetic secrets unlocked*
video: ron paul: gop must work to ’stay in existence’*
video: ron paul deserves the nobel peace prize*
inspector says report on 'pentagon publicity program' was flawed*
pentagon will miss chemical weapons deadline by 9yrs*
wal-mart pays $2m to avoid charges in death probe*

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