Friday, May 15, 2009

5/15 newspurge

9/11 updates:
the 9/11 commission, karl rove & govt minders -
additions to the 9/11 timeline as of may10

'able danger' director talks fascism, bush & diy*
9/11 conspiracy? pentagon missile defense failure*
prince harry to visit 9/11 victims 'on first overseas engagement'*
prince harry coming to new york city*
britain's prince harry plans visit to nyc*
video: statue of liberty crown to reopen july 4*
evidence shows 9/11 false flag operation may have been a hyperdimensional event*

pentagon official charged in leak of classified info to china*
pentagon employee charged with espionage*
assassination plot against chavez foiled*
somali pirates guided by london intel team*
US will pay $2.6m to train chinese prostitutes to drink responsibly on the job*
video: aipac & dubious calls for peace*
dod joins cia’s drone war on pakistan*
video: nato exercises provoke russia*

nytimes documents military role in theft of 2000 election*
cia knew before bay of pigs that it was 'unachievable'*
the latest hoax book on the jfk assassination*
allen stanford: 'may have been a US govt informer'*
officials: demjanjuk fit for prison*
suspected nazi guard demjanjuk arrives in germany for court proceedings*
top nazis planned eu-style fourth reich*
vatican plays down pope's hitler youth past*
a nazi pope potpourri*

camp liberty shooter's dad blames army*
suspect in iraq attack recently had weapon taken away*
california fire caused by botched safety measure*
44 dead & over 300k homeless after flooding in brazil*
violence in somalia displaces over 27k*
dc sniper in 3rd death penalty appeal*

police state int'l:
military police document reveals integration with local law enforcement*
house demands full disclosure on dhs 'rightwing extremism' report*
house bill aims to strip 'rightwing extremists' of 2nd amendment*
hr2159 seeks to disarm individuals the govt suspects of being terrorists*
2 sailors caught smuggling coke*
facebook urged to remove holocaust-denial groups*
alan keyes arrested protesting abortion at notre dame*
anti-abortion editor: judy blume ‘making up’ death threats*
group condemns fema move to evict 1000s of katrina survivors*
npr censored review of film outing gay politicians*
naval academy rolls out graphic novel*
we're in the army now. with mom.*
florida police use motorised paragliders*
fbi terrorist watchlist riddled with errors*
youtube free speech purge accelerates, infowarrior channel banned*
no room for infowarriors in youtube’s hulu-ized universe*
after 2 mistrials, US gets convictions in miami terror case*
video: 'liberty city' 5 convicted in sears tower plot*
g20 police 'used undercover men to incite crowds'*
brain scanning may be used in uk security checks*
uk counter-terrorism drills fall short*
uk govt wants the military to run state schools*
jacqui smith's secret plan to carry on snooping*
ireland on the verge of extending tv licence to cover internet*
every house to have gas & electricity 'smart' meter by 2020*
guatemalan government may suspend liberties under state of emergency*
guatemala arrests twitter user for inciting financial panic*
aclu: human gene patents infringe speech*
explorer-scouts train in post-9/11 law enforcement methods*
boy scouts train to become homeland gestapo*
homeland security trains scouts to fight terror*

...and 2 last local lines:
the pirates of portland & national guard sent to flooded west virginia*

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Alex said...

Hi James,

your last podcast was great - bravo! Ok, I don't know if you already watched that video in the link above, it's with Ray McGovern on theREALnews - it's mindblowing!

Cheers from Germany!
Your man Alex

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