Friday, March 20, 2009

3/20 newspurge

obamessiah & the apostles of war
obamessiah & the apostles of warmichael 'savage' weiner predicts a 'reichstag fire-like event'*
cheney: obama responsible for next 9/11*
kucinich requests investigation into 'executive assassination ring'*
kucinich calls for congressional investigation into cheney 'assassination unit'*
'cheney assassination unit' claim boost truth commission prospects*
hersh puts pro-war spin on what we would normally call acts of terrorism*
obama caves to israel lobby*
another arrest in dc tech office scam*
washington post is a neocon propaganda sheet*
obama admin: constitution does not protect cell-site records*
leaked! international red cross report on cia torture*
obama faces shoot-down dilemma with north korea launch*
obama may widen drone war over pakistan*
US lawmakers appeal to obama against afghan troop surge*
obama considers expanding afghan security force to 400k*
a leadership review of the barack obama administration*
media reports for duty as militarists plan more wars*
video: convicted rapists allowed to enlist in military*
obama's call for longer school days raises questions*
house passes mandatory national service bill*
obama's forced servitude agenda moves foward*

judge says its okay for navy to spray recruits with banned chemical*
burt's bees, tom's of maine, naked juice?:
take another look at your favorite brands
hr875/s425: farm to fork food fascism comes to america*
america's medicated army*
suspicion of vaccines spurs debate & worry*
pushing eugenics as smart science*
catastrophic fall in 2009 global food production*

oswald's 1953 school transfer card flunks out on ebay*
nazi origins of adidas & puma documented in new book*
US firms that backed hitler revealed*
how many nazi criminals did germany punish in 60 years?*
deep roots of nazi science revealed*
billionaire philanthropist leonore annenberg dies at 91*
albuquerque's mysterious mass grave*
ex-1970s radical freed from prison*
one-time fugitive released 30yrs after attempted police bombings*
symbionese liberation army: pseudo-gang*
photo of charles manson is released by prison officials*

dead bin laden urges jihad*
US jet shoots down iranian drone over iraq*
shoe-throwing journalist gets 3yr sentence*
military chopper crashes into atlantic off canada*
5.0-magnitude earthquake hits central china*
US warships head for south china sea after standoff*
japan warns it may shoot down north korean satellite launcher*
military ready to shootdown north korean missile*
new generation of power stations 'risk terrorist anarchy'*
video: washington plans global nato to replace united nations*
israel's ex-president indicted for rape*
bolivia's morales: army & police have cia contacts*

video: paul: bill to tax bonuses an unconstitutional 'outrage'*
united nations panel says world should ditch dollar*

oregon oddities
oregon boy banned from wearing obama mask in skit*
defazio swears he did not raise a security fuss at pdx*

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