Sunday, June 03, 2012

Media/Memes: 'Roll Me Up' and 'Celebrate'

Darkness Reigns In Hollywood:
Fake Story About Osama's Late Death Comes To The Big Screen

Darkness Reigns In Hollywood: Fake Story About Osama's Late Death Comes To The Big ScreenCan Reality TV Producers Help Air Force Drone Wars?*
Why are State Taxpayers Subsidizing Big Budget Films and TV Shows?*
Back to You: Aaron Sorkin Returns to Television With 'The Newsroom'*
Google Doodle Celebrates the Drive-In*
First drive-in theater doodle and the DIY drive-in movie revival*
Richard Dawson, 'Family Feud' TV host, dies 79*
Star of 'Hogan's Heroes', 'Running Man' and 'Family Feud' host Richard Dawson dies at 79*
Kathryn Joosten, 'Desparate Housewives' actress dies 72*
Dick Beals, voice of Gumby and Speedy Alka Seltzer, dies 85*
Bob Welch, early Fleetwood Mac guitarist, kills self at 65*
Lee Rich, a Founder of Lorimar Productions, Dies at 93*
Morrissey plans to retire in two years?*
"Her very Lowness with her head in a sling...sounds like a wonderful thing"*
Listen to Whitney Houston's final song, 'Celebrate’*
Singer Lauryn Hill faces federal tax charges in NJ*
How a Singing Convict Gave the Beach Boys a Hit*
Video: Folk music hero Doc Watson dies at age 89*
Best of the 2012 CMT Music Awards*
Video: Willie Nelson and Friends "Roll Me Up"*

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