Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Secretive Bilderberg 2012 Summit Kicks-Off In Virginia

Exclusive Coverage of Bilderberg 2012 from @IntelHub*
Secretive Bilderberg 2012 Summit Kicks-Off In Virginia
from For a little over 50 years, an elite organization has met all around the world in total secrecy with nearly zero press coverage. On Thursday, the annual Bilderberg Conference will take place in Chantilly, Virginia where the world's leaders are believed to make decisions that could possibly have an effect on the world.

Obamessiah / Presidential sElection Updates:
Video: Zakaria attempts Jedi mind trick*

Secret ‘Kill List’ Tests Obama’s Principles*
NYTimes piece reminds Obama like Bush in more respects than realized: Extended Patriot Act, more drone attacks*
The One-Man Death Panel: Obama’s Counter-Terrorism Advisor*
Is Obama the Real One-Man Death Panel for Alleged Terrorists?*
Obama Administration Stonewalls Declassification of Secret Court Rulings*
Obama Administration Steps up Deportations in an Election Year…Again*
Video: Obama Twice Refers to ‘My Sons' While Defending Contraception Mandate*
Acquittal on 1 count, mistrial on 5 others in John Edwards trial*
John Edwards Jurors Say 'Evidence Wasn't There' to Convict*
"A Better Amercia" - Romney's new iPhone app*
#PresidentialSelection: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a ringer!
Now we just need Bilderberg to select Romney's running mate this weekend.
Video: Trump returns to the birther issue*

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