Thursday, April 28, 2011

4/28 newspurge: it's the t-o-r-n-a-d-o

video: cocaine floating in new mexico lake after plane crash*

cocaine floating in new mexico lake after plane crashnarco-trafficker's revelation exposes drugwar duplicity*
misaddressed marijuana goes to elderly penn. couple*
anti-drug rhode island repub charged with... drug use!*
illegal searches lead to surge in ny marijuana arrests*

bombshell tapes reveal new marilyn monroe mystery*

jodie foster: her alien 'elysium' head of state is 'evil-ish'*
church of scientology snaps up hollywood film studio*
max mathews, father of computer music, dies at 84*
west virginia-born hazel dickens, bluegrass singer-songwriter, dies at 75*
poly styrene, british punk pioneer with x-ray spex, dead at 53*
video: fan-made 'batman complex' unmasks insane dark knight*

police state updates:
military 'courtesy' patrols deployed on georgia streets*

military 'courtesy' patrols deployed on georgia streetsvideo: military patrols started apr22 in downtown columbus, ga*
video: cop beats woman at atlanta ihop*
fmr sullivan city, texas police chief sentenced to 10yrs in prison*
video: long island plans extensive surveillance network*
suspicious passengers taken off united flight*
tsa screener charged in distributing child pornography*
video: miss america sexually molested by tsa*
man arrested over colorado pipe bomb incident at mall;
served time for west virginia bank robbery*
harrison cty, wv man sues local police, cities, county commission for alleged attack*
feds say 247 people on terror watch list bought guns in US in 2010

guantánamo files: al-qaida assassin 'worked for mi6'*

guantánamo files reveal innocents detained, terrorists released*
petraeus would helm an increasingly militarized cia,
as obama shuffles 'national security' team*

wv worry:
fbi hints at criminal charges in ubb mine disaster*

sen. byrd scholarship cut from federal budget*

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