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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

#NewWorldNextWeek: Episode206 - Hong Kong Protests, Holder History, 'Kill The Messenger' Movie Episode206 -
Hong Kong Protests, Holder History, 'Kill The Messenger' Movie

Episode206 - Hong Kong Protests, Holder History, 'Kill The Messenger' MovieWelcome to New World Next Week - the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Hong Kong Erupts As Pro-Democracy Protests Bring 100,000 Into the Streets
Flashback: First 'Drone' Coverage On Media Monarchy (May 2007)
Hong Kong Protesters Turn to Mesh Networks to Evade China's Censorship
Students Know the Difference Between Indoctrination & Free Expression In Colorado, As Student Counter-Protest to An Anti-Protest Curriculum

Story #2: Eric Holder Takes $77M Job with JPMorgan Chase; Bank Colluded with Nazi Germany, Conspired to Create Federal Reserve
Lee Harvey Oswald Quietly Added To CIA Memorial Wall
Obama's Enforcer Resigns: Attorney General Holder One of Worst AG's In US History
Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry's Sister on Timing of Holder Resignation: "Not a Coincidence"
Interview 314 - Jesse Trentadue
PDF: Jesse Trentadue Details Holder's Role In OKC Bombing Coverup
Secret Recordings Show Goldman Sachs, Federal Reserve In Bed

Story #3: 'Kill The Messenger' Movie Tells Story of CIA, Drugs and Journalism
How 'Kill the Messenger' Will Vindicate Investigative Journalist Gary Webb
Internal Report Reveals CIA-MSM Propaganda Campaign to Quash Gary Webb Expose
PDF: 'Managing a Nightmare: CIA Public Affairs and the Drug Conspiracy Story'

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: Breaking: CDC Confirms First Case of Ebola in US
Geopolitikal Shocker! Afghanistan Signs Accord Keeping US Troops Past 2014
CIA-Backed Warlord Behind 2001 Taliban POW Massacre Sworn-In VP of Afghanistan
Flashback: 2001 Taliban POW Massacre
Globalist Celebs Convened in Venice for CFR Front Man's Wedding to Former Dulles Bros. Lawyer
New Power Coupling Begs Question: Is Public Office In Clooney's Future?
Hollywood Companies Win FAA Approval for First Commercial Use of Drones in U.S.

#SimpsonsSyncs: 'Tapped Out', Mapped Out and Making Media Monarchy

Episode206 - Hong Kong Protests, Holder History, 'Kill The Messenger' MovieVisit to get previous episodes in various formats to download, burn and share. And as always, stay up-to-date by subscribing to the feeds from Corbett Report here and Media Monarchy here. Thank you.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Saturday, August 18, 2012

HempFest Turns 21: Tens of Thousands Rally for Legalization at Seattle Festival Ahead of November Ballot Measure

HempFest Turns 21: Tens of Thousands Rally for Legalization at Seattle Festival Ahead of November Ballot Measure
from ap: Tens of thousands of people descended on a waterfront park in Seattle Friday for the opening of what's billed as the nation's largest marijuana rally - an event that has a pressing political edge this year as Washington state's voters consider whether to legalize the fun use of pot for adults. Colorado, Oregon and Washington already have medical marijuana laws. And all three also have legalization measures on the November ballot. Washington's would allow sales of up to an ounce of dried marijuana at state-licensed stores and could bring the state nearly $2 billion in tax revenue over the next five years - if the federal government doesn't try to block the law from taking effect. Pot remains illegal under federal law. Washington's measure, Initiative 502, also would prevent nearly 10,000 marijuana possession arrests every year in the state, proponents say. "It looks like we're finally reaching a critical mass to end this critical mess," Hempfest director Vivian McPeak said as the festival began. "If I-502 passes, it'll be a historic moment." Organizers expected at least 150,000 people at the three-day event. Thousands milled along the 1.5-mile long park under a blazing sun Friday afternoon, stopping at booths advertising colorful glass pipes, hemp clothing and medical marijuana dispensaries. Young women shouted at passersby to encourage them to obtain medical marijuana authorizations - "Are you legal yet?" - while other festival goers rested on driftwood logs, lighting joints and pipes.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Colorado 'Movie Murder Massacre' Sensationalized By Media

Colorado 'Movie Murder Massacre' Sensationalized By Media
from If it bleeds it leads”. That is the media motto. A motto proved with the coverage of the Aurora, Colorado shootings. One radio outlet dubbed it the "movie murder massacre." It led the news all day long and still is. Droning live reports of, well, nothing, dominate the media. All anyone knew for sure was one person, James Holmes, shot, wounded, and killed people in a dark movie theater during the midnight opening of “The Dark Knight Rises”. In a spectacular frenzy of sensationalism, the media bored us with footage and babbling commentary about what they did not know, and their experts who have no expertise. They just could not resist turning a tragedy into a spectacular national media lollapalooza. P.T. Barnum would be proud. It was sad and pathetic to see how low the media sank in the name of sensationalism.


Batman Accused's Records Withheld*

Unanswered questions about Colorado theater massacre*
Witness thinks someone let gunman inside Colorado movie theater*
Video: Eyewitness Says Someone deliberately let the gunman inside*
Video: Conspiratus Ubiquitus*
Video: Can people be hypnotically programmed to kill?*
Video: Assassination studies: Sirhan Sirhan*
Video: The Assassination of John Lennon*

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

murder/mayhem: dougherty gang, fugitive siblings, captured in colorado

video: timeline of the dougherty gang's week on the run*
murder/mayhem: dougherty gang, fugitive siblings, captured in coloradofrom abcnews: The three bystanders who chased and helped capture a member of the fugitive Dougherty Gang after Wednesday's high-speed police chase ended in a crash had no idea who they were helping to apprehend, they said on "Good Morning America" today. "We heard the shots, we see all of the officers coming down the on-ramp with the guns drawn and the M-16s out, surrounding this car that's up on the guardrail, and we're like, 'Man, what's happening?' You don't hear that every day," said Dave Dallaguardia, one of the three highway workers who helped catch the runaway Dougherty. It's unclear which brother they captured. Lee Dougherty, who is a 29-year-old stripper, and heavily armed brother Ryan, 21, and half-brother Dylan Dougherty Stanley, 26, had become the focus of a manhunt that stretched from Florida to Colorado in the past week.

related murder/mayhem updates:
breivik called police at least 10 times to surrender*
jury convicts 5 officers in post-katrina shootings*
ohio serial killer, anthony sowell, given death sentence*
ohio man kills seven, shot by police*
professor suicide at chestnut hill, pa. near lover's leap*
mail bomb on mexico campus injures 2 professors*
video: student held in death of tenn. school principal*
for flash mobsters, crowd size a tempting cover*
woman tries to bring fake bomb on plane, 3 arrested at phoenix airport*
man arrested at omaha airport over suspicious item*
dog helps rape victim, 15, testify*
video intensifies interest in a mississippi killing*
identical twins, one charged in a fatal shooting, create confusion for police*
video: bull escapes slaughterhouse, runs through ny streets*

Thursday, April 28, 2011

4/28 newspurge: it's the t-o-r-n-a-d-o

video: cocaine floating in new mexico lake after plane crash*

cocaine floating in new mexico lake after plane crashnarco-trafficker's revelation exposes drugwar duplicity*
misaddressed marijuana goes to elderly penn. couple*
anti-drug rhode island repub charged with... drug use!*
illegal searches lead to surge in ny marijuana arrests*

bombshell tapes reveal new marilyn monroe mystery*

jodie foster: her alien 'elysium' head of state is 'evil-ish'*
church of scientology snaps up hollywood film studio*
max mathews, father of computer music, dies at 84*
west virginia-born hazel dickens, bluegrass singer-songwriter, dies at 75*
poly styrene, british punk pioneer with x-ray spex, dead at 53*
video: fan-made 'batman complex' unmasks insane dark knight*

police state updates:
military 'courtesy' patrols deployed on georgia streets*

military 'courtesy' patrols deployed on georgia streetsvideo: military patrols started apr22 in downtown columbus, ga*
video: cop beats woman at atlanta ihop*
fmr sullivan city, texas police chief sentenced to 10yrs in prison*
video: long island plans extensive surveillance network*
suspicious passengers taken off united flight*
tsa screener charged in distributing child pornography*
video: miss america sexually molested by tsa*
man arrested over colorado pipe bomb incident at mall;
served time for west virginia bank robbery*
harrison cty, wv man sues local police, cities, county commission for alleged attack*
feds say 247 people on terror watch list bought guns in US in 2010

guantánamo files: al-qaida assassin 'worked for mi6'*

guantánamo files reveal innocents detained, terrorists released*
petraeus would helm an increasingly militarized cia,
as obama shuffles 'national security' team*

wv worry:
fbi hints at criminal charges in ubb mine disaster*

sen. byrd scholarship cut from federal budget*

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

military cancels nuclear attack test: nle10 terror drills in limbo

'backchannel chatter' rumors suggest stage being set for false flag dirty bomb event to be blamed on iran or al-CIAda patsy
fema suspends topoff, saic drops out of competitionfrom washington times: The U.S. military has canceled a major field exercise that tests its response to a nuclear attack, angering some officials who say that what is now planned for this month will be a waste of time. U.S. Northern Command in Colorado withdrew from major participation in this month's National Level Exercise (NLE), a large-scale drill that tests whether the military and the Department of Homeland Security can work with local governments to respond to an attack or natural disaster.

The exercise was canceled recently after the planned site for a post-nuclear-attack response — Las Vegas — pulled out in November, fearing a negative impact on its struggling business environment. A government official involved in NLE planning said a new site could not be found. The official also said the Northern Command's exercise plans for "cooping" — continuity of operations, during which commanders go to off-site locations — also had been scratched.

"All I know is it's been turned into garbage," said the official, who asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the information. "It's a nonevent." The NLE, which is supposed to be a series of hands-on exercises to test the system in the event terrorists use a nuclear device, has become instead a "tabletop exercise at best," the official said.

Maj. Michael Humphreys, a Northern Command spokesman, said the military officials decided to delink the Ardent Sentry exercise from the National Level Exercise, but he stressed that the command conducts other exercises and "cooping" at other times.

northcom backs out of national level exercise 2010*
nle10, including linked continuity of operations drill, cancelled*
are we at the brink of a major nuclear accident in america?*
video: colorado rockies president found dead in salt lake city hotel*

why is fema trying to cover up national level exercise 2010?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

first US marijuana cafe opens in portland, oregon

first US marijuana cafe opens in portland, oregonfrom reuters: The United States' first marijuana cafe opened on Friday, posing an early test of the Obama administration's move to relax policing of medical use of the drug.

The Cannabis Cafe in Portland, Oregon, is the first to give certified medical marijuana users a place to get hold of the drug and smoke it - as long as they are out of public view - despite a federal ban.

"This club represents personal freedom, finally, for our members," said Madeline Martinez, Oregon's executive director of NORML, a group pushing for marijuana legalization.

"Our plans go beyond serving food and marijuana," said Martinez. "We hope to have classes, seminars, even a Cannabis Community College, based here to help people learn about growing and other uses for cannabis."

The cafe - in a two-story building which formerly housed a speak-easy and adult erotic club Rumpspankers - is technically a private club, but is open to any Oregon residents who are NORML members and hold an official medical marijuana card.

update: la da will prosecute medical marijuana dispensaries -
even if los angeles doesn't ban sales

denver dispensaries subject to sales tax, retail license laws*

Monday, April 20, 2009

'the columbine cause'

from evan long: "The Columbine Cause" is a feature-length video presentation based on public domain government records related to the official "investigation" of the Columbine High School shootings of April 20, 1999. It includes quotations from suspect interrogations and witness interviews as recorded in little before publicized police files, 911 recordings and other rare items.

update: media monarchy interview w/ evan long

Monday, March 02, 2009

and behold a big blue horse: many in denver just say neigh

and behold a big blue horse: many in denver just say neighfrom nytimes: Airports can be tense and testy places in the best of times. At Denver International Airport, you can add glow-in-the-dark eyes to the list of triggers for a traveler’s angst.

A statue of a giant male horse - electric-eyed, cobalt blue and anatomically correct - was installed in February 2008 on the roadway approach to the terminal, and it is freaking more than a few people out.

Haters of this work say that “Blue Mustang,” as it is formally known, by the artist Luis Jiménez (killed in 2006 when a section of the 9,000-pound fiberglass statue fell on him during construction), is frightening, or cursed by its role in Mr. Jiménez’s death, or both. Supporters say the 32-foot-tall horse is a triumph, if only as a declaration of Denver’s courage to go beyond easy-listening-style airport art that many cities use like visual Dramamine to soothe travelers’ nerves...

It’s definitely achieved its purpose of being memorable,” said Rachel Hultin, a real-estate broker in Denver who started a page on Facebook last month to vent her horse anxieties,, and found herself at the center of the debate...

and behold a big blue horse: many in denver just say neighThe original design called for a pull-off from the airport road, with benches and ample room to contemplate the statue from all angles. After the terrorist attacks of 9/11, however, the parking area idea was shelved for security reasons. That makes “Blue Mustang” literally unapproachable...

In the process of being personally attacked through e-mail, and through learning more about the piece, I’ve shifted gears from, ‘I don’t think it’s appropriate,’ to ‘Let’s try and understand it,’” she said.

But the controversy has also stirred up people in other ways. Conspiracies have floated around the Internet for years about secret bunkers or caverns beneath the terminals at the Denver airport. Symbols of Freemasonry are also said to abound on airport floors and walls.

It’s brought out the conspiracy theorists who think there are aliens living under the airport,” said Patricia Calhoun, the editor of Westword, an alternative weekly paper in Denver that is helping organize a “Blue Mustang” poetry slam in April to share horse haiku as part of National Poetry Month.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

rocky mountain news, colorado's oldest paper, folds after 15oyrs

rocky mountain news, colorado's oldest paper, folds after 15oyrsfrom washington times: The Rocky Mountain News, the oldest newspaper in Colorado, will publish its last edition Friday after owners failed to secure a buyer for the financially strapped daily, making it the latest casualty in an increasingly shaky newspaper industry. Rich Boehne, chief executive officer of owner E.W. Scripps Co., blamed the decision on a plummeting newspaper market hit hard by the advent of the Internet and declining readership. "Denver can't support two newspapers any longer," said Mr. Boehne in a newsroom announcement Thursday. "It's certainly not good news for you, and it's certainly not good news for Denver." The tabloid known as the "Rocky" was just two months shy of its 150th anniversary, during which time it won four Pulitzer Prizes. The Rocky lost $16 million in 2008 despite a 2001 joint-operating agreement aimed at propping up Denver's two daily newspapers, the Rocky and the Denver Post. Scripps announced Dec. 4 that it would put the Rocky up for sale. Although one buyer emerged in mid-January, the company concluded that the buyer was "unable to present a viable plan" for the paper, according to a statement Thursday.

goodbye, colorado
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