Sunday, December 05, 2010

corbett report: episode163/164 - meet james corbett/dark legacy

corbett report: episode163 - meet james corbett
corbett report: episode163 - meet james corbettfrom corbett report: On this special edition of The Corbett Report, longtime listener of The Corbett Report Jamie Owens interviews James Corbett about his background, what motivated him to begin The Corbett Report, and what he aspires to in the future. James Corbett also reveals the new website and DVD that he has been working on during the hiatus.

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corbett report: episode164 - dark legacy
corbett report: episode164 - dark legacyfrom corbett report: This week on 'Documentaries That Matter' we bring you the audio of John Hankey's landmark documentary Dark Legacy: George Bush and the Murder of John F. Kennedy. This film is also known by its previous title JFK II: The Bush Connection. Please visit for more information and extras related to the film, but please buy your copy of the DVD from Amazon under 'JFK II' in order to make sure the money goes to the filmmaker directly. A version with Japanese subtitles is available.

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