Thursday, October 21, 2010

obamessiah/warwhores: selective service

obamessiah updates:
in oregon, obama stumps for kitzhaber for governor*
in oregon, obama stumps for kitzhaber for governorobama to skip sikh temple in india partly out of head covering concern*
condi meets with obama, then defends regime*
washington post on 'obama the snob'*
americans fleeing both democratic & republican parties*
tea party express senate candidate has critic muzzled*
ventura: tea party 'orchestrated out of the republican party'*
video: tea party 'founder': palin, gingrich a 'joke'*
establishment republicans poised to take control of house from establishment democrats*
wall st. mogul picked for state dept post*
video: 'rent 2 high' ny gov candidate becomes star*

warwhores updates:
video: obama requests emergency stay of 'don't ask, don't tell'*
recruiters told to accept gay applicants*
doc who 'inspired' torture program gets $31m army contract*
pentagon plans record $60b weapons sale to saudi arabia*
rumsfeld invades web, twitter, facebook*
soldier says ordered to delete fort hood videos*
cia sues ex-agent for book's breach of 'secrecy'*
scout in mumbai attacks was dea informant while in terror camp, authorities say*
fbi was 'alerted' to mumbai plot*
gen. hugh shelton: clinton official suggested letting US plane be shot down to provoke war with iraq*

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