Thursday, October 21, 2010

10/21 newspurge: don't waste your time just looking back

US slips to 49th in life expectancy: study*
US slips to 49th in life expectancy: studyhalf of US teens 'meet criteria for mental disorder'?*
confirmed: psychiatric manual dsm-iv-tr labels free-thinkers, non-conformers as mentally ill*
how cnn/cfr's gupta became big pharma's favorite face*
drug companies pay 17,000 US doctors, report finds*
scientific american: kill more babies to save earth*
20yr-old embryo becomes baby boy*
polish bishops call ivf 'younger sister of eugenics'*
alleged leader of cult works as psychologist*
israel building underground facility in case of bioterror*
americans show concern about taking flu vaccine*
un to vote on chemtrails*
video: plum island - conspiracy theory with jesse ventura*

US will enforce marijuana laws despite california vote*
los angeles sheriff: pot legalization 'not going to pass, even if it passes'*
legalize marijuana, says former US surgeon general*
cvs fined $77m for selling meth ingredients to criminals*

US leaders destroying the dollar*
official: US owes $1.2b in united nations dues*
chicago sheriff says no to enforcing foreclosures*
here's that devastating report on bank of america that everyone is talking about*
video: 85% of college graduates must move back home*
video: dylan ratigan's epic rant on the banksters*

merkel says german multi-cultural society has failed*

merkel says german multi-cultural society has failedmilitants stage deadly raid on chechen parliament*
20yr-old female college student named police chief in violence-plagued mexican town after no one else would apply*

ex-secret service officer almost accidentally shot lbj the night after jfk assassination*
time capsule from 1887 found in ireland*
video: anita hill responds to clarence thomas' wife:
"i have no intention of apologizing"

holy hexes:
video: 'jesus does not care' sign upsets many*
dead sea scrolls going digital on internet* audio: punk rock prof, greg graffin of bad religion, explains 'anarchy evolution'*
carla bruni banned from the vatican*
d'oh! vatican declares bart & homer simpson catholic*

'i speak jive': barbara billingsly dead at 94*
'i speak jive': barbara billingsly dead at 94'happy days' dad tom bosley dead at 83*
penthouse magazine founder bob guccione dies at 79*
r.i.p. the slits's ari up dead at 48*
vigilant citizen: katy perry as sex-kitten in new perfume advertisements*
rihanna makes dark demands*
soros millions buying 'political reporters' for npr*
developing: npr analyst juan williams fired by npr over muslim comment*

autopsy points to drowning for banker david widlak*
update1: banker's family commissions independent autopsy; suggest foul play*
update2: second autopsy shows banker had gunshot wound to head!*
copycat effect: geometric shootings*

oregon oddities:
fritz springmeier, author of 'bloodlines of the illuminati', released from prison; staying in halfway house in portland?*
5 portland-area counties join pet evacuation disaster drill*

wv worry:
verizon throwing west virginia party to celebrate own cunning - ignoring decade of infrastructure neglect*
wvu sealed deal to buy martinsburg mall*

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