Sunday, September 05, 2010

ground zero: the devil may care

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ground zero: the devil may carefrom clyde lewis: In the opening scenes of the movie the Exorcist we witness an archeological dig near the area of Nineveh. Nineveh you may recall from the bible was a place of pure evil. The people of Nineveh were allegedly possessed by demons. Nineveh of course is located in Iraq...

With hate and debate mulling over a Mosque being built near a murder site that is being called hallowed ground, the attempted pantheistic global sustainability religious cult that inspires eugenicist gunmen to take hostages at a cable network, and a movement that sees our president as a Muslim Antichrist, I think we are pretty much on our way for a huge demonic event, one that won’t need an exorcism, only extermination.

That’s how God handles things.


coming soon: 9/11 was an inside joke

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