Thursday, January 28, 2010

1/28 newspurge: like a secret society, meeting at the midnight mass

drugwar updates:
video: cheech & chong get fair & balanced on fox*

clyde lewis' ground zero media: norwegian woodpecker*
clyde lewis' ground zero media: norwegian woodpeckerflashback: israel makes waves by simulating an earthquake*
children disappearing from hospitals in haiti*
haiti - a history of intervention, occupation and resistance*
blue helmets pepper spray hungry haitians*
radio free haiti, on the ground & in the skies*
who plans to give haitians controversial jabs*
finland to host large naval exercise in september*
US military involved in yemen operations*

details of death of uk scientist to be sealed for 70yrs*
'concealing vital information': dr kelly post-mortem to be kept secret for 70yrs*
canada's fmr ambassador to iran was cia spy*
oliver stone says adolf hitler was 'enabled by western bankers'*
wall street journal: ivins not the anthrax killer*

alleged car thief arrested while playing 'grand theft auto'*
judge says polanski won't be sentenced in absentia*
fox most trusted news channel in US, poll shows*
'avatar' replaces 'titanic' in record books*
law would keep fcc off low-power radio*

tanker explodes on new york highway*
william bennett update: ayala pleads guilty to february gang assault*

obamessiah updates:
obama's full state of the union speech*
video: obama criticizes scotus during sotu*
does scotus still think it can't happen here?*
bruised obama's new rallying cry: jobs, not healthcare*
obama commits to climate change bill*
obama & the myth of job creation*
video: rep hayworth says obama should 'come forward' with birth certificate*
hacker breaks into 49 house sites, insults obama*
obama gets an f for world leadership*
obama strives to revive the spirit of 2009*
video: celente says speech was pep rally for obama*

plus: obama admin opposes 9/11 health funding*
obama: i will never waver from supporting israel*

police state int'l:
could vancouver 2010 be the next 9/11?*
canada, US beef up security for the winter olympic games in vancouver*
somerset nj authorities seize grenade launcher, weapons cache from virginia man at motel*
US police arrest heavily armed man with military map*
potential false flag attack to be blamed on muslims foiled*
video: nyc cops punching handcuffed man in head*
video: texas schoolkids tagged with gps tracking devices*
flight diverted to denver's new world airport*
authorities quietly reverse underwear bomber official story*
spam, tequiza & total information awareness*
full-body scanner blind to bomb parts*
oregon shoppers, cops freak out over man carrying umbrella*
bush order allowing murder of US citizens abroad still in effect*

pentagon calls for 'office of strategic deception'*
download: 'defense science board 2008 summer study on capability surprise' [7.7mb PDF]
paging james cameron: pentagon wants 3d surveillance*
pentagon master plan: super-size my drone fleet*
price of US wars: $1 trillion & rising*
fmr army top brass address gitmo, obama & more*
US moves missiles & troops to russian border*
pentagon backtracks after gates ‘admits’ xe operating in pakistan*
missile-shooting ships on station in the gulf*
hussein aide 'chemical' ali executed in iraq*
US to pay taliban fighters to 'lay down their arms'*
is it cheaper & more effective to buy off the taliban than to fight them?*
1/3rd of women in US military raped*

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