Thursday, September 10, 2009

9/10 newspurge: everything else & after

biowars/swine flu:
who admits to releasing virus via 'mock-up' vaccines*
who admits to releasing virus via 'mock-up' vaccinesbeginning of engineered pandemic?
2,000 infected with h1n1 at washington university
defense department to start h1n1 flu vaccinations*
ny, la & boston set up swine flu vaccination centers*
west virginia records first death from swine flu*
ibm 'predicted' 2009 pandemic flu - in 2006*

former US official arrested on cocaine smuggling charges*

a year after financial crisis, a new world order emerges*
united nations conference calls for new global currency*
wall street to securitize people's deaths?*
5 more banks fail in first week of september*
5 more US banks are seized, pushing total for year to 89*
funeral sciences benefit from a moribund economy*

germany overturns nazi treason convictions*

'massive' ancient wall uncovered in jerusalem*
ancient skeleton found with gun under shed*

from a porch in montana, low-power radio’s voice rises*
from a porch in montana, low-power radio’s voice risesphillip garrido, pop idol?*
earth liberation front topples 2 radio towers near seattle*
video: tv is a pentagon-designed mind control device*
gq magazine censors article about russian false flag attacks*

9/9/9 hijacking: mexico plane hijacking ends peacefully*

obamessiah & the apostles of war:
obama website calls opponents 'right-wing domestic terrorists'*
s carolina rep wilson shouts 'you lie' at obamaobama loses the left*
indoctrination of 'obama youth' in schools accelerates*
where’s your homework, mr. president?*
parents dub sep8 'keep your kids at home day'*
42% of parents don't want their children watching obama speech*
video: gingrich on obama address to students: 'it’s a good speech'*
obama school speech, a lesson in political controversy*
obama youth: dhs wants to recruit girl scouts*
nea in politics flap: arts endowment head ousted over obamagenda*
video: laura bush says it's unfair to call obama a socialist*
barack obama accused of making 'depression' mistakes*
white house to open visitor logs*
highlights of obama's health care plan*
full text of obama's health care speech*
obama invokes kennedy during address to congress*
s carolina rep wilson shouts 'you lie' at obama*
video: wilson says outburst wasn’t premeditated*
wilson is right – govt will provide obamacare to illegals*
obama won't give federal insurance benefits to illegals, he'll make them legal first*
anti-hillary movie tests legal limits*
video: scotus on verge of overturning campaign finance laws*
well-connected cast of characters pay 9/9/9 tribute to cronkite*
but on a different note: ron paul makes rock star appearance at loyola*

police state int'l:
mock hijacks play out over canada & US*
canada to set off bombs in washington*
canada to stage mock afghan attack in washington*
disaster exercise to take place sep30 in michigan*
air force to fly 'red flag alaska 09' on oct1-16*
14 countries participate in mass casualty drill 'medceur 2009'*
69th bomb squadron reactivates at minot afb*
video: US homeland security begins hoarding personal data*
ground broken on $3.4b homeland security complex*

US expands arms sales, ranking as top weapons supplier*
gates open to troop increase in afghanisurge*
darpa seeks to tap water's power potential - to fuel the war machine*
lynndie england sues biographer over book deal*

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