Thursday, July 16, 2009

7/16 newspurge

suspected drug hitmen dump 12 bodies on mexico road*
cele castillo ordered to report to federal prison*

jacko’s death more important than a million dead iraqis*
jackson's death '2nd biggest story of century'jackson's death '2nd biggest story of century'*
latoya jackson: 'michael was murdered'*
report: latoya jackson says michael was murdered*
jackson wanted to be cloned, driver says*
michael jackson, dr. tohme tohme, frank dileo, colony capital & anschutz*
video: militarized hip-hop*
nytimes may charge for website access*
collapse in illegal sharing & boom in streaming brings music to executives' ears*
vatican gives new harry potter film its seal of approval*

natalia estemirova: award-winning human rights campaigner murdered in chechnya*
natalia estemirova: award-winning human rights campaigner murdered in chechnyairan airliner crashes, 168 people feared dead*
video: 168 killed in iran plane crash*
7 arrests made in florida couple's deaths*
police shoot & kill man near US capitol*
man shot dead near capitol after he fled a routine traffic stop*
3 killed in california plane crash*
2 suspects killed in new jersey shootout*
starbucks bombing blamed on 'fight club' fancy*

picture this: f18 buzzes detroit apartment*
picture this: f18 buzzes detroit apartment2 US marines killed in afghan bomb blasts*
chopper shoot-down reveals deeper flaws in afghan ops*
hate crimes trumps f22*
wv soldiers sue kbr for chemical exposure in iraq*

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