Thursday, June 11, 2009

6/11 newspurge

9/11 updates:
obama may toss 'full trials' for alleged 9/11 plotters*
flashback: feb20, 1981: boeing 707 nearly hits tv mast atop world trade center*
mos def on 9/11: "it just doesn't feel right"*

US to ramp up intel efforts in drug war*
drones vs drugs*
psychiatric drugs eyed for adolescents*
uk government 'to ban legal highs'*
video: rhode island senate passes medical marijuana compassion center bill*

north korea jails US journalists*
north korea sentences US reporters to 12yrs 'hard labor'*
silence on north korea detainments causes concern among current tv staff*
experts say US may be able to negotiate reporters' release from north korea*
US preps for possible showdown with pyongyang*
north korea would use nuclear weapons in a 'merciless offensive'*
gates: we can take down north korean missile*
video: bomb kills at least 11 at pakistan hotel*
search for pakistan blast victims*
gorbachev calls for new american revolution*
china runs 'great wall 6' anti-terror drills*
kyrgyzstan: sorry, barack, we’re giving you the boot*
shell settles nigeria case*
6 arrested in suspected plot to attack g8*

US remains top military spender, peace researchers say*
US, china & russia lift arms spending to new record*

one note of wv worry:
judges told to avoid cases involving big donors:
massey energy, big $ & corrupt judges in west virginia

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