Sunday, May 03, 2009

swine flu week2: in decline or incubating?

...flashback to week1 updates on swine flu unleashed here & here...

video: ron paul on the swine flu hoax*

swine flu hysteria spreads faster than actual virus*
swine flu week2: in decline or incubating?hawaii gov. says world health org may go to level 6 this weekend*
company warned officials of flu 18 days before alert was issued*
governments & biowarfare: a brief history*
coral cross: the world’s first global flu pandemic alternate reality game*
video: drug companies responsible for swine flu outbreak?*
cdc labs revealed as incapable of accurate count of h1n1 influenza infections, deaths*
video: killer bird flu in the tv series 'millennium'*
flight diverted to boston after passenger complains of flu-like symptoms*
don't panic yet ... just stock up*
swine flu spread 'not sustained'*
political lies & media disinformation regarding the swine flu pandemic*
video: federal troops on mexican streets stopping major protests*
roche deploys rapid response stockpile of tamiflu*
video: paranoia: nyc emergency rooms flooded with swine flu fears*
swine flu broke out of california: cdc*
rumsfeld's controversial links to drug company behind tamiflu*
timeline: world history of viral pandemics: 412bc to 2009*
cdc: new virus does not have genes that made 1918 flu so deadly*
area flu centres planned if needed*
video: north american union takes priority over flu pandemic*
rand, rockefeller, dole, daschle & flu drills:
political intimations of an orchestrated influenza epidemic before swine flu struck
are quarantines the next step in fight against swine flu?*
swine flu worldwide: update*
obama vows flu vigilance: 160 cases so far*
obama enlists cabinet to prepare for a flu pandemic*
is swine flu a race-specific virus?*
'draconian' powers seen to contain swine flu*
video: alex jones tv: weekend special -
'exposing the h1n1 hoax'

updates from may4:
video: media hype causes panic to spread faster than the virus*
media hype causes panic to spread faster than the virus itselfflu tests find new type of victim*
chan hits back at world health org critics*
obama promises to spend billions to address bogus h1n1 pandemic*
swine flu ancestor born on US factory farms*
was the alarm over swine flu justified?*
bank of england ran secret flu pandemic 'disaster planning exercise'*
tamiflu resistance of influenza h1n1 strains*
swine flu scare: caution from '76 vaccine*
much ado about the flu: is the media frenzy justified?*
no further outbreaks of flu in pigs: who*
new strain may edge out seasonal flu bugs & was 'probably released accidentally from a laboratory'*
mexico says flu epidemic over the worst*
inflatable mortuaries and 'express' funerals planned for flu pandemic*
underreported real pandemics, not fake ones like avian & swine flu*
flying pigs, tamiflu & factory farms part2*
swine flu a hoax, but martial law all too real*
swine flu may merge with other flu viruses, cdc says*
video: 402 suspected cases of the h1n1 virus in cueces county, tx now*
ft worth oilman, 98, remembers heavy toll of 1918 flu*
china & swine flu: are mexicans being singled out w/ aggressive measures?*
with flu fizzling, health experts rethink school closures*
texas school closes because of swine flu*
who head indicates full flu level 6 pandemic to be declared*
swine flu cases worldwide top 1,000*
swine flu: the worst is yet to come in autumn*
flu fearmongering from the corporate & alternative media has been insane*
mexico to start china flu airlift*

updates from may6:
afghanistan's only pig quarantined in flu fear*
afghanistan's only pig quarantined in flu fear1st US swine flu death*
disinfo, dietary supplements & swine flu*
video: flu pandemic hype good for globalism*
flu pandemic, propaganda & profit*
video: swine flu pandemic: where did it come from?*
schools reopen after swine flu scare*
fall vaccine campaign may include swine flu shots*
singapore slaps flu quarantine order with fine, jail*
china says quarantine of canadian students legal*
swine flu shows need for good public health systems*
is google any help in tracking an epidemic?*
schools told to set up 'quarantine rooms' for swine flu pupils*
swine flu virus could quickly morph from mild to deadly*
flu fears ease, but next wave looms*
pfizer employee has swine flu*
seven new swine flu cases in vancouver, bc*
seven cases of swine flu confirmed in north carolina*
two fairfield connecticut students have confirmed swine flu*
mexico's swine flu battle cry: remember cinco de mayo!*
foxman says swine flu causes anti-semitism*
flu hoax has globalists cancel north american 'integration' confab*
US to add swine flu to seasonal flu shots*
corporate swine project significant profits for toxic flu vaccines*
US halts pilot program in new york to detect bioterror*
schools reopen, with hand-washing replacing widespread closures to fight swine flu*
baxter awaits testing of virus strains*
US public at risk from complacency over flu, says cdc*
swine flu precautions observed as mexico city restaurants reopen*

updates from may7:
new, fast-evolving rabies virus found - and spreading*
facility to speed delivery of new tb vaccines opens near dc*
drug companies must prepare for swine flu vaccine*
US reports 642 cases of new h1n1 flu*
swine flu cases in US surge to 642*
mexican farm swine flu's 'ground zero': residents*
tracking diseased animals: a system in need of repair*
up to 2 billion people might get swine flu*
decision on flu vaccine looms*
hyped flu will make use of expiring tamiflu stockpiles &
allow for pre-pandemic priming of the population

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