Saturday, May 31, 2008

revolution, assassination & the presidential selection

the ron paul revolution rages on
video: aimee allen's ron paul anthem*
ron paul: obama presidency will not bring change*
for paul, it ain’t over till it’s over*
libertarian dark horse is still kicking*
gop leaders struggle to contain ‘revolution’*
paul relies on family to staff campaign: report*
ron paul supporters, what are your plans?*
fox commentator: ron paul revolt could be 'disaster' for gop*
ron paul's forces quietly plot gop convention revolt against mccain*
ex-gop barr launches presidential bid*
ron paul's delegate wars (part5)*
no seats for paul fans at gop convention*

selection year politics
fbi recruiting infiltrators for gop convention protestors*
i'm not a superdelegate, but i play one on the internet*
the coming electoral college crisis*
evidence that bush will cancel elections & declare martial law*
US terror attack seen likely after election*

obama, kennedy & the assassination meme
bilderberg luminary to select obama’s running mate*
obama practices looking-off-into-future pose*
obama vows fealty to zionists*
obama discusses race, religion at jewish temple*
obama promises 'unshakable' support for israel*
obama is not jesus christ*
will obama fight for appalachia in the fall?*
obama & the war*
obama's race issue: uneasy topic*
obama's brain zbigniew says US suffers from iran paranoia*
camp memories: obama & reagan*
kennedy illness to impact US race*
obama compared to jfk, picks up more delegates*
obama picks up jfk's cause*
obama is jfk's 'inspirational' heir, says former jfk aide ted sorensen*
obama: weak like jfk*
should obama rethink jfk/khrushchev?*
what if the kennedys has lived?*
fox news jokes about obama assassination*
dutch journalist writes article 'obama assassinated'*
how will they do it?*

hillary hangs on
blow for clinton as florida/michigan delegates to get half votes*
clinton insiders suggest ‘open civil war’ over vp spot*
clinton makes last stand in final primaries*
clinton crime family body count*

mccain in the membrane
kristol: mccain may pick lieberman as running mate*
obama & mccain to attend aipac conference
hagee's apocalyptic support of israel*
mccain hits obama over lack of military service*
mccain picks former reagan official to head vp search*
mccain rejects endorsements of 2 televangelist pastors*
video: 'west wing' plot line predicts obama vs. mccain race*

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