...In-progress list of music played on the podcast...

2011: episode200-245 + mixtape008-014

the police 'canary in a coal mine'
muse 'united states of eurasia + collateral damage'

emergency broadcast network 'psychoactive drugs' uncut mix

emergency broadcast network 'shoot the mac-10'

n*e*r*d* 'it's in the air'

the decemberists 'the calamity song'
portlandia 'the dream of the 90s'

morrissey 'in the future when all is well'

hot hot heat 'in cairo'
the streets 'the robots are taking over'

gang of four 'you'll never pay for the farm'

wanda jackson w/ jack white 'nervous breakdown'

emergency broadcast network 'behavior modification/we will rock you' crowd control mix
ella fitzgerald and the ink spots 'it's only a paper moon'
white stripes 'little ghost'

mogwai 'san pedro'
the clash 'koka kola, advertising and kokaine'

manic street preachers 'don't be evil'
arcade fire 'empty room'

radiohead 'feral'
george shearing 'lullaby of birdland'

marchfourth marching band 'nightmarika'

bright eyes 'haile selassie'

the buchanan brothers '[you got to pray to the lord] when you see those flying saucers'
strangeletter 'here comes a chopper'

inxs 'full moon, dirty hearts'

echo & the bunnymen 'the killing moon' edit
karl schwedler aka charlie and his orchestra 'japanese sandman'
system of a down and dr. dre 'xxplosivity' mashup by totom

lupe fiasco 'words i never said'
ferlin husky 'wings of a dove'

media monarchy mixtape008
man... or astro-man? 'maximum radiation level'
bill haley & the comets 'thirteen women'
the walkmen 'angela surf city'
supergrass 'sun hits the sky'
the comas 'moonrainbow'
man... or astro-man? 'xl-3' mezzo mix
spiritualized 'the waves crash in'
radiohead 'sail to the moon'
inxs 'fair weather ahead'
man... or astro-man? 'the man from u.n.c.l.e.'
air 'surfing on a rocket'
johhny clarke 'nuclear weapon'
pixies 'wave of mutilation' uk surf
man... or astro-man? 'pathway to the infinite'
u.n.k.l.e. 'lonely soul' w/ richard ashcroft
a.o.s. "history (repeats itself)'
polyphonic spree 'light & day/reach for the sun'
man... or astro-man? 'don't think what jack'

richard ashcroft & the united nations of sound 'are you ready?'
rufus wainwright 'april fools'

the raveonettes 'war in heaven'
the airborne toxic event 'this is nowhere'
nina simone 'if you pray right - heaven belongs to you'

alex turner 'stuck on the puzzle'
the chemical brothers 'the devil is in the beats'

lupe fiasco w/ matt mahaffey of self 'state run radio'

decemberists 'this is why we fight' on jimmy kimmel live

ok go 'the greatest song i ever heard'
orrin tucker 'you're the one'
tv on the radio 'caffeinated consciousness'

the go! team 't.o.r.n.a.d.o.'
cut copy 'pharoahs and pyramids'
blackalicious 'sky is falling'
x-ray spex 'oh bondage, up yours!

manic street preachers 'i'm just a patsy'
kingston trio 'greenback dollar'
fleet foxes 'helplessness blues'

media monarchy mixtape009
the go! team 'doing it right'
those darlins 'be your bro'
nellie mckay 'bruise the sky'
best coast 'crazy for you'
jenny lewis 'jack killed mom'
sharon jones & the dap-kings 'how long do i have to wait for you?'
dresden dolls 'backstabber'
neko case 'dirty knife'
white stripes 'in the cold, cold night'
stereolab 'french disko'
best coast 'i want to'
sons & daughters 'chains'
rilo kiley 'spectacular views'
neko case 'never turn your back on mother earth'
those darlins 'screws get loose'
erin mckeown 'rhode island is famous for you'
nellie mckay 'clonie'
yo la tengo 'my little corner of the world'

interview w/ tracy twyman on the royal rituals
trevor jones 'a dance at the court of king arthur' from 'excalibur' soundtrack

sloan 'follow the leader/the answer was you'
sons & daughters 'come in out of the rain'
walker brothers 'the sun ain't gonna shine anymore'

the streets 'he's behind you, he's got swine flu'
kraftwerk 'the robots'
mercury rev 'a kiss from an old flame (a trip to the moon)'

xtc 'dear god'
the merry macs 'praise the lord & pass the ammunition'

interview w/ andrew hoffman on the 'judgment day' predictions
spiritualized 'lord, can you hear me?'

beastie boys w/ santigold 'don't play no game that i can't win'
!!! 'steady as the sidewalk cracks'
george michael 'praying for time'

pennywise 'homesick'
andrew rannells 'i believe' from 'the book of mormon'
gil scott-heron 'lady day & john coltrane'
the coasters 'yakety yak'

lupe fiasco 'the show goes on'

sons & daughters 'breaking fun'
bright eyes 'shell games'

interview w/ the real plato
rev run 'mind on the road'

the drums 'saddest summer'
the raveonettes 'noisy summer'

media monarchy mixtape010
doug stanhope 'fuck the french'
2 live crew 'banned in the USA'
desaparecidos 'mall of america'
bruce mcculloch 'that's america'
blur 'look inside america'
misfits 'american nightmare'
morrissey 'america is not the world'
hood internet 'shut up, american boy' (estelle w/ kanye west vs ting tings)
eleni mandell 'american boy'
george carlin 'proud to be an american'
black rebel motorcycle club 'american x'
george carlin 'god bless america'
idlewild 'american english'
t.s.o.l. 'american zone'
dead kennedys 'stars and stripes of corruption'
elliott smith 'independence day'
bill hicks 'a new flag (patriotism)'
kate smith 'god bless america'
dj tyme & nathan scot 'born this way in the USA' lady gaga vs bruce springsteen

thievery corporation 'culture of fear'
the jam 'news of the world'
thievery corporation 'false flag dub'
neko case 'train from kansas city'

atari teenage riot 'rearrange your synapses'
the grass roots 'midnight confessions'
bizzle 'explaining to do'

sloan 'burn for it/witch's wand'
billy bragg 'never buy the sun'
the polyphonic spree 'lithium'

those darlins 'mystic mind'
white stripes 'this protector'
amy winehouse 'back to black'
m.i.a. '27'

mortal clay 'high treason' remix
remy 'raise the debt ceiling rap'
bananarama 'cruel summer'
gene mcdaniels 'a hundred pounds of clay'

media monarchy mixtape011
school of fish 'intro/3 strange days/talk like strangers'
beastie boys 'the blue nun/stand together/pow/the maestro'
public enemy 'revolutionary generation/can't do nuthin' for ya man'
sloan 'lemonzinger/two seater'
jellyfish 'the king is half undressed/all i want is everything/baby's coming back'
the charlatans 'i can't even be bothered/weirdo/chewing gum weekend'

the smiths 'panic' live
the vaccines 'post break-up sex'
arctic monkeys 'that's where you're wrong'
the vaccines 'under your thumb'

surfer blood 'territorial pissings'
badly drawn boy 'pissing in the wind'
chuck d 'notice/know this'

muse 'butterflies & hurricanes'
peggy lee 'is that all there is?'

bright eyes 'going for the gold'
system of a down 'chop suey!'
beachwood sparks 'germination/confusion is nothing new'
sigur ros 'staralfur'

little dragon 'ritual union'
thurston moore 'illuminine'
2pac 'keep ya head up'

tony bennett/ladytron 'fly me to the...moon palace'
glen campbell 'hold on hope' guided by voices cover

media monarchy mixtape012
inxs 'questions/heaven sent/communication'
faith no more 'land of sunshine/a small victory'
black crowes 'hotel illness/ black moon creeping'
nirvana 'turnaround/molly's lips/son of a gun/(new wave) polly'
lemonheads 'my drug buddy/the turnpike down/bit part/allison's starting to happen'
rollins band 'low self opinion'
gene loves jezebel 'why can't i?'
matthew sweet 'do it again'
morrissey 'certain people i know/we hate it when our friends become successful'
pennywise 'it's up to me/nothing'
smashing pumpkins 'i am one/siva/rhinoceros'
black sheep 'u mean i'm not/strobelite honey/the choice is yours (revisited)'
jesus and mary chain 'far gone and out/rollercoaster/frequency'
faith no more 'easy'

dum dum girls 'just a creep'
the ethiopians 'reggae hit the town'
the ethiopians 'engine 54'

polyphonic spree 'younger yesterday'
dum dum girls 'there is a light that never goes out' smiths cover

wild flag 'romance'
roger williams 'born free'
wild flag 'future crimes'

sonic youth 'teen age riot'
sonic youth 'into the groove(y)'
harvey danger 'this is the thrilling conversation you've been waiting for'

hood internet (lupe fiasco vs handsome furs) 'the people serve on'
queen 'the show must go on'

media monarchy mixtape013
jack white & alicia keys 'another way to die' (instrumental)
spiritualized 'the x-files theme'
sons & daughters 'silver spell'
gene vincent 'race with the devil'
mazzy star 'ghost highway'
angelo badalamenti 'haunting & heartbreaking'
lansing-dreiden 'line you can cross'
nico 'sixty/forty'
broadcast 'unchanging window'
danger mouse & daniele luppi 'the matador has fallen'
lansing-dreiden 'tri'
everything everything "photoshop handsome" - man alive 2010
hood internet 'psycho break' (talking heads vs. ellen allien & apparat)
elvis costello 'spooky girlfriend'
franz ferdinand 'be afraid'
danger mouse & daniele luppi 'theme of rome/the rose with a broken neck/morning fog (interlude)'
henry mancini 'main title from touch of evil'
bing crosby & the andrews sisters 'yodeling ghost'
sons & daughters 'rama lama'
beth gibbons 'tom the model'
modest mouse 'sleepwalkin'
danger mouse & daniele luppi 'her hollow ways (interlude)'
nina nastasia 'in the graveyard'
broadcast 'you can fall/minus one'
arab strap 'haunt me'
dum dum girls 'coming down'
yo la tengo 'autumn sweater'
tal farlow 'autumn leaves'
nat king cole 'autumn leaves'
coldcut 'autumn leaves' (irresistible force mix trip 2)
raymond scott 'new year's eve in a haunted house'
mercury rev 'october sunshine'
jack white & alicia keys 'another way to die'
danger mouse & daniele luppi 'the world (interlude)'

queen 'radio ga ga' live
beryl davis 'bluebirds in the moonlight'
mc pee pants 'i want candy'
she & him 'this is not a test'

bing crosby 'on the atchison, topeka & santa fe'
keane 'everybody's changing'
slow moving millie 'please, please, please let me get what i want' smiths cover
heavy d & the boyz 'nuttin' but love'
arctic monkeys '505'

the go! team 'buy nothing day'
m83 'midnight city'
perry como 'catch a falling star'
fishbone 'lyin' ass bitch'
fitz & the tantrums 'moneygrabber'

episode241 - december 2, 2011
merle haggard 'if we make it through december'
the decemberists 'e. watson'
the heptones 'sea of love' long version
johnny cash 'old chunk of coal'

johnny cash & eazy e 'folsom prison gangstaz' dj topcat mashup
dobie gray 'the in crowd'
jesus & mary chain 'i'm in with the out crowd'
surfer blood 'voyager reprise'
front 242 'serial killers don't killer their boyfriend'
tim o'brien 'muswell hillbilly' kinks cover

sloan 'i've gotta know'
billie jo spears 'blanket on the ground'
vaughn monroe 'when the lights go on again'

harvey danger 'sometimes you have to work on christmas (sometimes)'
raveonettes 'christmas song'
caetano veloso 'in the hot sun of a christmas day'
sloan '12 days of christmas'

the marvelettes 'danger! heartbreak dead ahead'
dismemberment plan 'the ice of boston'
the walkmen 'in the new year'
bing crosby 'let's start the new year right'
ella fitzgerald 'what are you doing new year's eve?'

tv on the radio 'new cannonball run'
beastie boys 'too many rappers'
hood internet 'don't play no trash' (beastie boys & santigold vs. weird tapes)
lupe fiasco 'till i get there'
thurston moore 'in silver rain with a paper key'
the raveonettes 'apparitions'
the vaccines 'norgaard/wolf pack'
those darlins 'boy/fatty needs a fix'
sloan 'shadow of love/beverly terrace'
the decemberists 'rox in the box/this is why we fight'
fleet foxes 'the shrine/an argument'
the drums 'how it ended'


2012: episode246-present mixtape015-present

the drums 'book of revelations'
pulp 'tomorrow never dies' rough mix
ok go 'this will be our year' zombies cover

sloan 'sinking ships'
johnny otis 'willie and the hand jive'
information society 'what's on your mind?'
moon mullican 'i'll sail my ship alone'
nrbq 'me and the boys'
idlewild 'when the ship comes in'

polyphonic spree 'what would you do?'
lana del rey 'born to die'
etta james 'the wallflower (roll with me henry'
al bowlly 'midnight, the stars & you'

cake 'pretty pink ribbon'
bing crosby 'i'm a cranky old yank in a clanky old tank'
hood internet 'put it on my chk chk chk' rhymefest vs. !!!
sloan 'chester the molester'
!!! 'must be the moon'

billy joel 'we didn't start the fire' team banzai remix
imperial teen 'runaway/blaming the baby'
randy travis 'diggin' up bones'
lansing-dreiden 'our next breath'
ink spots 'i don't want to set the world on fire'

cursive 'the sun and moon'
black sheep 'gimme the finga'
whitney houston 'million dollar bill'
placebo 'all apologies' live nirvana cover

Mixtape015 - Pacific Lifeline
Album Leaf "Wet the Day" - One Day I'll Be On Time 2001
The Vaccines "Wetsuit" - What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? 2011
Hood Internet "Lose My Waters of Naza(b)reath" (Destiny's Child vs. Justice) - Mixtape Volume One 2007
Modest Mouse "March Into the Sea" - We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank 2007
Freddy Martin & His Orchestra "On a Slow Boat To China" (w/ Glenn Hughes) - 1947
Flight of the Conchords "Petrov, Yelyena and Me" - I Told You I Was Freaky 2009
Morrissey "Lifeguard Sleeping, Girl Drowning" - Vauxhall & I 1994
Anne Shelton "Sailor" - 1960
Gregory Isaacs "The Tide is High" (U Roy mix) - 1978
Boards of Canada "Energy Warning" - Geogaddi 2002
Gene "Something In the Water" - Revelations 1999
Florence and the Machine "What the Water Gave Me" - Ceremonials 2011
Johnny Cash "He Turned the Water Into Wine" - San Quentin 1969
Frank Sinatra "Watertown" - Watertown 1970
Hood Internet "Cyborg Umbrella" (Rihanna feat. Jay-Z vs. Menomena vs M83) - Mixtape Volume One 2007
Christopher Cross "Sailing" - Christopher Cross 1980
George Martin "Sea of Time" - Yellow Submarine 1969
Suede "The Drowners" - Suede 1993

Episode251 - Since I Left You
Placebo "Bigmouth Strikes Again" (Smiths cover)
Davy Jones "Rainy Jane"
Beatles/George Martin "March Of The Meanies"
Gerry Mulligan "I Want To Live!"
Rolling Stones "It's All Over Now"
The Avalanches "Pablo's Cruise/Frontier Psychiatrist"
The Avalanches "Little Journey"
Nellie McKay "Caribbean Time"

Episode252 - Hard and Gone
Harvey Danger "Cream and Bastards Rise"
Martika "Toy Soldiers"
Coven "One Tin Soldier"
Hood Internet "Hard and Gone" (Ace Hood x Black Keys)
Flatt and Scruggs "Foggy Mountain Breakdown"
Gillian Hills "Zou Bisou Bisou"
Sloan "Then Again"
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