Thursday, June 21, 2012

#Newspurge: Summer Circuit

Secret Obama Trade Pact Would Let Foreign Corps Avoid US Laws*

Video: Obama Trade Document Leaked, Revealing New Corporate Powers And Broken Campaign Promises*
IRS Shows Little Interest in Whistleblowers Trying to Expose Tax Avoiders*
Video: U.S. Tax Dollars At War*
What Coordinated Central Bank Intervention Could Look Like*
Video: Money In Your Mattress*

Balkanizing Syria: Russia Sending Missile Systems to Shield Syria*

Video: When Will We Attack Syria?*
Ending the Zero-sum game (dilemma) in Greece*
Divided Greece “risks social explosion"*
Neo-Nazi party maintains strength in Greek election*
Neo-Nazi aided Palestinian perpetrators of 1972 Munich massacre, report says*
In Egypt, Arab Spring Replaced by Military Dictatorship*
Obama Nominee for Ambassador to Iraq Withdraws over Sexual Emails:
Who is Brett McGurk?
Turkey: From regional to global player*
G4S chief predicts mass police privatisation*
Taliban halts polio vaccinations over drone strikes*
Video: One cartel to rule them all*

Obama Polls Strong Among Latinos Since Changing Deportation Rules*

Obama Scores Political Points with Suspension of Deportation of Immigrants Brought to U.S. as Children*
Video: Obama Announcement on DREAM Relief Marred By Right-Wing Heckler*
CIA Refuses to Confirm or Deny Drone Attacks Obama Brags About*
Video: Constitutional Crisis Looms Over 'Fast and Furious' Scandal*
Romney Tax Deduction for Care and Feeding of Horse More than Average U.S. Household Income*
Journalists Prevented by Gag Order from Interviewing Accused Would-Be Presidential Assassin*
Video: Michigan State Representative Banned from Speaking in Legislature after Using Word “Vagina”*

Police State Updates:
SCOTUS Rejects Appeal of Man Convicted Without Knowledge of Trial*

Dozens Imprisoned for Violating Non-Existent Federal Gun Control Law*
Death Row Inmate Sues to be Executed*
Female Passenger Groped by TSA Gropes Back, Charged with Battery*
A Scanner Darkly: Cities using AI for pre-crime monitoring of surveillance videos*
Video: Police employ new 'object rape' policy in Drug War*
Judge Rules U. of Cincinnati Anti-Protest Restrictions Unconstitutional*
Video: The Supreme Court and its recent Habeas Corpus ruling*

Portlandia/Oregon Oddities:
Spying the Friendly Skies -
Drone aircraft used for recon in Afghanistan are now in Portland

Spying the Friendly Skies - Drone aircraft used for recon in Afghanistan are now in PortlandSuspects sought in ‪Portland‬ mob attacks -
African American teens deliberately seeking out and attacking white teens
World Naked Bike Ride 2012 in Portland*

West Virginia Worry:
West Virginia celebrates its 149th birthday*

WV celebrating 149th birthday, hundreds flock to State Capitol*
Despite ‪Manchin‬ and ‪Tomblin‬, Many ‪West Virginia‬ ‪Democrats‬ Support ‪Obama*

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