Friday, April 20, 2012

Episode255 - I Hear, I See, I Learn

Episode255 - I Hear, I See, I Learn
"Picture paragraphs unloaded, wise words being quoted" on Media Monarchy: Episode255 - I Hear, I See, I Learn w/ Andy Colvin of Mothy Talk, haunting holograms and the Ides - Record Store Day, 'Bandstand Boogie', Bernays bounty and the 'Audio, Video, Disco' Newspurge + Bluebeam, breakthrough and the David8 Discovery in Cyber/Space\War - Anger, abuse, Breivik and the Shipwreck 'Horrorshow' on Holy Hexes - Skittles, sparks and seafood strains on Food World Order - 4/20 fusion by Justice, 2pac, Les Elgart, Barry Manillow, Libertines, Moz and much, much more...

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Peter said...

Can't Rock just go away? You know just disappear like the Big Band Era. Kid Rock is on Team Romney as is Ted Nugent. So thoroughly co-opted is the music of youthful rebellion; I just can't stomach it any more. The bad boys or Rock are now Knights in the Queen's Armory; how stodgy. A super model says of a product: "I rocked that bra all summer." Now we rock: Vans, blue jeans, iPhones etc. When I hear the word Rock, I associate it with dreck. Speaking of dreck, even "Sir Paul" doesn't like the term "Rock." I know, I heard him rock that with my own ears.

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