Wednesday, March 23, 2011

japan disaster updates: from here to eternity

crowdsourcing japan radiation readings:, built by portland-based uncorked studios

crowdsourcing japan radiation readings:, built by portland-based uncorked studiostech in troubled times: website crowdsources japan radiation levels*
state website to list daily oregon radiation levels*
health officials expect to find radiation from japan in portland*
study for radiation absorption in american soil being done by wvu*
smoke in japan nuclear plant from reactor building-official*
video: japanese nuclear reactor workers evacuated again*
report: japanese yakuza first with aid after earthquake & tsunami*
japan, ignoring warnings, extended approval for fukushima reactor a month before disaster*
video: ann coulter says 'radiation is good for you'*
japanese government admits potassium iodide pills should have been distributed earlier*
as radioactive rain starts to pour, japan engages in another cover up as it increases decontamination threshold sixteenfold*
fukushima engineer says he covered up flaw at shut reactor*
what they're covering up at fukushima*
video: cnn shill argues with meteorologist about radiation*

video: chernobyl-style yellow rain causes panic in japan*
radiation level at fukushima reactor 2 at highest level recorded so far*
neutron beam observed 13 times at crippled fukushima nuke plant*
apple rejects iphone radiation metering app*
video: fukushima radiation spreading to more US states*
gaping holes in infor provided by japan*
video: 'we are not able to measure the amount of radiation coming from fukushima'*
update: reactor #3 core may be breached*

flashback: no public health risk from japan nuclear emergency

related biowars/envirohealth updates:
could quake cause nuclear leak here in pacific northwest?*
southern oregon company uses fast-growing duckweed to generate electricity*
florida earthquake or dept of defense drill?*
geologist says florida shaking wasn't earthquake*
missouri takes part in earthquake 'shakeout drill'*
5.8 quake hits afghan mountain region*
myanmar earthquake: 6.8 quake rocks country also known as burma*
did scientists use secret tesla tech to make rain in the desert?*
drug-resistant 'superbug' mostly limited to socal nursing homes, health officials say*
katrina hospital deaths trial opens*
oil spill coats endangered penguins in south atlantic*
oil spill reported near deepwater drilling site in gulf*
source of latest gulf oil spill determined; anglo-suisse offshore partners, houston-based energy company, claims responsibility*
video: 1000s of gulf oil spill clean-up crew are dying*
a positive slideshow: signs of spring*
update: 100s of dead starfish wash up on wales beach*

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