Thursday, April 08, 2010

4/8 newspurge: message in a bottle

sting: let's end the war on drugssting: let's end the war on drugs*
no surprise: california gop against pot legalization*
virginia drug investigation nets 81 felonies against 44 adults*
nato's afghanistan: the champion of drugs production*
video: ashland, ky couple report fire; cops find pot growing operation*

netflix, postal service's largest corporate client, braces for end of saturday delivery*
is sarbanes-oxley a failure? (it is when the software has backdoors)*
national debt seen heading for crisis level*
underemployment rises to 20.3% in march*
US government a big commercial real estate player*
video: more job seekers opting for cosmetic procedures*
jpmorgan chase advised homeowners to stop making loan payments, then foreclosed*
a grim assessment of los angeles' finances*
what the top US companies pay in taxes*
broke cities ravage motorists with speeding tickets*
more than 2m US jobs lost to china*
laid-off workers threaten to blow up french plant*
canada's only bullion bank gold vault is practically empty*
greece sinks deeper as loan costs hit record highs*
video: geithner makes unscheduled trip to beijing -
tarpley on the dangers of exporting the depression

US, russia sign treaty to cut nuclear arms*
the dodgy accounting of nuclear diplomacy*
netanyahu cancels trip to obama's nuclear summit*
israel distributes biochemical war protection kits*
economist tallies swelling cost of israel to US*
feds investigate 2nd report of mexico chopper over texas*
centerpiece of US, un & world bank plan for haiti is sweatshops & tourism*
execution of tv host in saudi arabia may be imminent*
s africa: will killing of white supremacist trigger racial violence?*
karzai threatened to join the taliban*
thai premier declares martial law to control protests*
kyrgyzstani govt ousted in violent uprising*
40 dead in anti-govt protests in kyrgyzstan*

president ford approved warrantless domestic surveillance*
cia can withhold oklahoma city bombing documents*
msnbc to run mcveigh propaganda myth on okc anniversary*
bikini atoll residents denied compensation for nuclear tests*
ramsey clark chosen to head commission to investigate bush crimes*

the dawn of a new age of muckraking*
abc, cbs evening news continue to hemorrhage viewers*
meet the sims ... & shoot them: the rise of militainment*
alex jones & jason bermas films debut on netflix*
video: political rapper diabolic on conspiracies, the nwo & 9/11*

traffic death rate hits new low*
uk disney resort hit by staff suicides*
boy scouts of america sued over sexual abuse of children*
wild shooting near times square*
man threatens to detonate bomb at tulsa intl airport*
armed robber forced nova instructor to atm, then killed him, set house ablaze*
2 arrests at liverpool airport after attempt to smuggle corpse on to flight*

is the mIlitary threatening to kill obama?*
americans: apologetic, submissive & complicit*
rasmussen reports™: tea party 48% - obama 44%*
quayle urges tea party not to 'go perot'*
justice stevens likely to retire during obama's presidency*
highly decorated army surgeon lt. col. terry lakin refuses all military orders until obama proves he's a natural born citizen*
video: michelle says kenya is obama's home country*

US troops killed afghan women, then dug bullets out of their bodies to cover it up*
mcchrystal admits US troops are killing innocent afghans at checkpoints*
nato admits US forces killed innocent pregnant women in afghanistan*
800+ iraqis & afghans filed for compensation over civilian deaths*
foreign govts line up to buy US drones*
1st US citizen added to cia assassination list*
uk troops trained by firing at 'replica mosques'*
document further proves bush, cheney & rumsfeld 'knew guantánamo prisoners were innocent'*

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