Thursday, January 07, 2010

1/7 newspurge: so this is the new year?

9/11 updates:
the deep state does not respond to foia requests*
video: giuliani says 'we had no domestic attacks under bush'*
2 more world trade center victims identified*

obama orders US govt to begin preparing for biological attack*
obama orders US govt to begin preparing for biological attackwhole foods ceo denies climate change*
use of potentially harmful chemicals kept secret under law*
2.4m pounds of plastic pollution enter world's oceans every hour*
cia revives data-sharing program with enviro scientists*
time to ban mountaintop mining due to externalized costs*

peter dale scott on obama & afghanistan:
america's drug-corrupted war

how to buy marijuana legally in california*

antitrust? US to review comcast/nbc deal*
antitrust? US to review comcast/nbc dealgoldman's offshore deals deepened global financial crisis*
US losing century-old businesses*
ron paul's ideas no longer fringe*
personal bankruptcy filings rising fast*
living on nothing but food stamps*
job satisfaction in US at record low*
ny wal-mart & h&m's destroy clothing instead of donating*
warnings of massive dollar collapse*
aig beats out united airlines as most hated company in US*
in portland, most funds for minority businesses go to…white men*
employment drops by 85,000*
US jobless rate stays at 10% in december*
video: economics101:
catherine austin fitts - shunning the banksters

afghanistan suicide bomber may have been helped by cia informant*
cia attacker driven in from pakistan*
iran denies entry to sen. kerry*
tehran plans major military exercise*
under-reported: civilian death toll in iraq war*
US refuses afghan govt demands for arrest of US 'death squad' who cuffed & killed 8 kids*
US forges alliance with saddam officers to fight al-qaeda*
israeli military officers cancel trip to uk over possible war crimes arrests*
audio satire: prince charles brutally seizes british crown*

the wealthiest head of the cia & control of media*
vatican reveals secret archives*
video: george bernard shaw defends hitler, mass murder*

flashback: body of lies & the cia's involvement with US film*
flashback: body of lies & the cia's involvement with US film'sherlock holmes' & the ripper killings*
sherlock holmes: the movie & our illuminati 'new age religion'*
is 'avatar' radical environmental propaganda?*
video: lost 'pinky & the brain' episode:
't.h.e.y.' secret societies that rule the world

the fbi war on tupac shakur & radical blacks*
polanski lawyer asks court to sentence him in absentia*
kfc ad: placate threatening black people with fried chicken*

2 federal agents shot in las vegas*
66yr-old johnny lee wicks id'ed in vegas shooting*
cell phone video captures vegas shootout*
'born rich' casey johnson's suspicious death*
4 dead in california chopper crash*
loudoun cty year in review: 'crime spree' ends in violent beating death of william bennett*
US carried out 52 executions in 2009*
st louis factory worker opens fire, killing at least 3*
(at abb group, the company rumsfeld helped sell nukes to north korea)
aspiring michigan model found burned in miami trash bin*

white house press corps warned about asking certain questions*
north dakota dem senator dorgan announces he won't run again*
connecticut dem senator christopher dodd won't seek reelection*
3rd uninvited guest discovered at nov state dinner*
c-span health negotiations pre-empted*
video: daily show slams obama for not keeping campaign promises*
video: obama promised to televise healthcare negotiations*

police state int'l:
times square a police state on new year's eve*
couple arrested for homeschooling in new york*
district of criminals: prisoners used to shovel snow-bound dc*
pew research center: 2000s rate as worst decade in 50yrs*
new laws went into effect on new year's day*
video: new year, new laws*

afghan death toll more than doubles in 2009*

1st month without a single US combat death in iraq*
natl guard says 'always place mission first,' not constitution*
northrop grumman moving hq from la to dc*
as afghan war escalates, military expert predicts 300-500 US troops killed or wounded per month*

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