Monday, December 07, 2009

murder/mayhem: the rage contagion continues

questions remain regarding ft hood massacre*
questions remain regarding ft hood massacrepentagon to probe 'internal weaknesses' behind ft hood shooting*
covering up cia mind control at ft hood? govt 'investigates' itself with 'independent' review by 'ex-cia' william webster*
levin: 'significant evidence' ft hood shooting was 'terrorism'*
ft hood suspect hasan paralyzed*
video: radical cleric didn’t advocate violence in emails to hasan*
agencies reporting to white house on ft hood shootings*
video: military hiding truth about ft hood shooting*
more charges for ft hood suspect*
ft hood suspect charged with attempted murder*
ft hood unit off to afghan war*
ft benning note threatens ft hood-style shooting*
4 US police officers shot dead near air force base*
4 police officers fatally shot near seattle*
copycat effect: forza ambush*
seattle police kill suspect in slayings of four officers, spokesman says*
cop killings in tacoma - mind control?*
suspect in US police killing shot dead*
seattle police ambush: cop-killing rampages up this year*
ny man kills fellow commuter over seat on train*
fbi: hate crimes rising in US*
man walks free over sword attack*
officials: census worker bound his hands, feet & mouth with duct tape, wrote 'fed' on his chest & hung himself*
4 shot dead at thanksgiving party*
friends mourn slain public defender in oregon*
5 killed in shooting on pacific island of saipan*
boat accident in democratic republic of the congo kills at least 73*
5 dead, ten critically injured after van carrying children rolls on louisiana highway*
US board says won't probe valero texas city blast*
william bennett update: accused lansdowne attacker pleads guilty to gun store burglary*
william bennett update: roberts receives 7yrs for loudoun guns robbery*
flashback: the murder of william bennett*

update: shooting at northern virginia community college*
student opens fire in virginia classroom; no injuries*

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