Thursday, October 29, 2009

geopolitiks: inside bombs, payrolls & the daily show of force

video: largest iraq bombing in 2yrs may have been inside job*
largest iraq bombing in 2yrs may have been inside jobtwin suicide car bombs in baghdad kill 136*
car bomb kills 90 in pakistan as hillary visits*
car bomb kills 100 in pakistani city of peshawar*
pakistan bomb kills 92 as clinton visits*
pakistan moves for maritime body to prevent terror attacks*
ex-cia agent robert baer confirms US ties with jundullah*
israel wants free warships from germany*
amnesty intl says israel 'cuts palestinian water'*
in israel, a key test of obama’s retooled missile shield*
rothschild zionist bolton: israel has a right to pre-emptively strike iran *
video: daily show under fire for covering israeli-palestinian conflict*
israelis at center of ecstasy drug trade*
mystery of the missing iranian scientist*
afghan police open fire at demonstration*
karzai's brother said to be on cia payroll: report*
afghan opium kingpin on cia payroll*
video: author on karzai’s brother: ‘the generals dropped the dime on the spooks’*
new US bases on the black sea*
czech pres klaus still holding out over lisbon treaty*
new US/eu energy council to be set up early november*
brown to 'buy off' germany & france to get president blair*
blow to blair's hopes of eu job*
US & eu ink extradition pact*
church of scientology convicted of fraud in france*
alleged intel adviser makes lurid claims about prince albert of monacco*
japan shoots down missile in test off hawaii*
china says two executed for tibet riots*
soros: china will lead new world order*

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