Thursday, August 27, 2009

mystery/memes\mayhem: peltier, dunne, toxic talk & cult killings

imprisoned since '77 for the deaths of 2 fbi agents,
leonard peltier denied parole

imprisoned since '77 for the deaths of 2 fbi agents, leonard peltier denied parolefreedom denied again for leonard peltier*
cops believe 1991 kidnap victim found alive in south lake tahoe, california - couple in custody*
kidnapped girl resurfaces after 18 years as sex slave*
the reinhard gehlen organization:
from the office of strategic services to the central intelligence agency

'91 book covers nancy reagan's sexual trysts w/ frank sinatra & reefer madness w/ jack benny*
leaked video: the joke's on you -
cnn gulfwar1 propaganda produced by pentagon

author dominick dunne dies at 83*
ellie greenwich, 'chapel of love' 'be my baby' & 'leader of the pack' co-writer, dies at 68*
fbi drove 'black power' actress jean seberg to suicide, claims son*
actress mischa barton breaks silence on involuntary psychiatric hold*
the grandaddy of toxic talk radio, bob grant, is back in nyc*
video: george carlin on 'conspiracy theorists'*

michael jackson's death ruled a homicide by los angeles coroner*
pipe bombs go off at hillsdale high in san mateo, california*
alex youshock, 17yr old high school student, charged with trying to kill teacher & aide*
abc reports that '01 colorado triple homicide was cult killing*
did simon say kill?*
leo obstbaum, design director for the 2010 winter olympics in vancouver, dies suddenly at 40*
tennessee gop state sen. resigns amid lurid sex scandal with 22yr-old intern*

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