Thursday, July 30, 2009

7/30 newspurge: 9/11, biowars, cyber/space, drugwar & econocrash

9/11 updates:
families, 1st responders & survivors take nyc to court over petition*
nyc can takes nyc to court over petition*
video: distinguished canadians calling for a new 9/11 investigation*
international calls for a 9/11 investigation*
gop disses 9/11 responders*
9/11 commission leaders urge more action on security issues*
mullen says osama still in pakistan*
video: cheney wanted show of force on 9/11 anniversary*

biowars/swine flu:
exeter city uk plans to use catacombs for swine flu victims*
exeter city uk plans to use catacombs for swine flu victimscashing in on the pandemic*
martial law & the militarization of public health:
the worldwide h1n1 flu vaccination program

swine flu could kill hundreds of thousands in US if vaccine fails, cdc says*
video: david icke says 'don't take the swine flu vaccine'*

100s volunteer for st louis university's swine flu vaccine study*
rfk jr. on vaccinations: deadly immunity*
video: adrian gibbs on bloomberg may13*
oklahoma kids to get shot at swine flu vaccine*
flu pandemic: mass graves & martial law*
elderly should be low priority for antivirals says scientist*
flu shots on tap for health care workers*
bbc may broadcast educational programmes if swine flu shuts schools*
biowarfare research: lifting the lid on america's '28 days later'*
startling new evidence that the 'swine flu' pandemic is man made*
government swine flu advisor on vaccine maker payroll*
military planning for possible h1n1 outbreak*
military to work with fema during swine flu pandemic*
military to deploy on US soil to 'assist' with pandemic outbreak*
swine flu shot may rely on emergency use of additives*
university of alabama implements mandatory vaccination program*
interview with epidemiologist tom jefferson:
'a whole industry is waiting for a pandemic'

washington post confirms swine flu vaccine will contain mercury*
video: corporate media gets you ready for your forced experimental vaccination*

got cyber skills? uncle skam wants you*
disney takes web surfers to the lab to see which ads workmischief in cyberspace*
private cybersecurity commission to continue*
US govt lacks tech talent for cyber defense: study*
cyber czar jobs remain open*
obama would endanger privacy with nsa cyber security plan*
disney takes web surfers to the lab to see which ads work*
leaked phonecall: ceo of eestor 'recruited' by cia/darpa/lockmart to make 'chip that went into deep space'*
obama administration going soft on cybersecurity*
data detailing nyse network exposed on unsecured server*
air force on the hunt for 'subversive' behavior online*
scientists worry machines may outsmart man*
iphone jailbreaking could crash cellphone towers, apple claims*
cyber czar finalists, appointment coming*
report: 1st lady safehouse route, govt mafia trial info & more leaked on p2p networks*
details on presidential motorcades, safe house for 1st family, leak via p2p*
vulnerabilities allow attacker to impersonate any web site*
US falling behind on catching up with cyber security*
military may ban twitter, facebook as security 'headaches'*
saic awarded dept of homeland security natl communications system contract*
committee approves bill to strip some requirements from real id*

obama’s drug czar: marijuana 'has no medical benefit'*
is big pharma trying to take all the fun out of pot?*
tune in, turn on & cheer up: swiss psychiatrist fights fear with lsd*
florida's hydroponic pot: house-grown & super-potent*

in a shift, fed puts bernanke in public spotlight*
in a shift, fed puts bernanke in public spotlightbernanke stutters, stammers & shakes his way through questions on 'audit the fed' bill*
even bernanke admits this could be worse than the great depression*
rasmussen poll: 75% favor auditing the fed*
uk economic collapse rivals great depression*
even the wall street journal says 'break up the fed'*
federal reserve is 'a ponzi scheme, an inside job'*
US senator slams washington post defense of fed secrecy*
ron paul drums up congressional support to audit the fed*
real unemployment rate hits a 68yr high*
96% of credit derivative risk held by 5 banks*
banks still not lending*
the stealth of starbucks*
police: woman ran strip club in basement*
9 places to party like it's 1929*
subpoenas issued to goldman sachs, jpmorgan, US senator says*

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