Thursday, June 18, 2009

obamessiah & the apostles of war: abc, nsa, cia & the fly

abc turns 'programming' over to obama*
abc turns 'programming' over to obamaabc says no to gop ads during obama healthcare special*
abc employees donated heavily to obama*
senate unanimously approves resolution apologizing for slavery*
house health-care proposal adds $600b in taxes*
gays decry obama's stand on gay marriage case*
obama to announce federal benefits for same sex partners*
cia: finding bin laden top US priority*
the secret history: can leon panetta move the cia forward without confronting its past?*
senior dem says obama's czars unconstitutional*
video: the realm of gangster government*
'service' inspector general fired by obama for investigating 'hood corps' mayor kevin johnson?*
video: obama & the fly*

obama ensnared in 'flygate'*
video: aclu says obama not keeping transparency promises*
video: maher on obama: 'my hope is fading'*
obama promised to end 'secret meetings' & make the white house the 'people’s house'*
obama says he can't deliver change because "we don’t want to tilt at windmills"*
video: jeb bush will be gop front-runner for 2012*
cia head says cheney almost wishing US be attacked*
video: obama will keep promise to block detainee abuse photos*
obama blocks access to white house visitor list*
video: white house blocking visitor logs 'insidious'*
obama touts volunteer efforts*
video: colbert wants to join female bohemian grove*
hillary to undergo surgery on broken elbow*
video: nsa spied on bill clinton's email*
video: feinstein says nsa not collecting the contents of emails*
plan targets fallout from mountaintop mining*
obama admin criticised over failure to disclose coal dump locations*
video: dean 'surprised' by obama’s slipping approval ratings*

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