Thursday, June 04, 2009

6/4 newspurge

9/11 updates:
prince harry makes ground zero pilgrimage*
prince harry makes ground zero pilgrimageobama doj backs saudi royal family on 9/11 lawsuit*
richard 'yr govt failed you' clarke says: 9/11 trauma defense - it's a lie*
abu hamza & more - additions to the 9/11 timeline as of may31*
video: ny senator gillibrand supports new 9/11 investigation*
obama appoints 9/11 commissioner to post of envoy to india*
hyman brown was not wtc 'chief engineer'*

swine flu/biowar:
video: world 'getting closer' to swine flu pandemic*
world 'getting closer' to swine flu pandemicfrance considers mandatory flu vaccinations*
sarkozy’s secret plan for mandatory swine flu vaccination*
'human error' cause of a(h1n1) probed*
cdc vaccine advisor pockets $29m promoting vaccines*
swine flu hysteria to be launched again*
medimmune wins key contract to develop swine flu vaccine*
US swine flu cases hit all 50 states*
swine flu infects US official in france for obama trip*
5 most powerful anti-viral remedies for swine flu*
should immunisation be compulsory?*
more cases of swine flu in west virginia*
swine flu: two more schools close as 55 new cases reported in uk*
mmr jab should be compulsory for all children starting school, expert says*
dead silence: fear & terror on the anthrax trail*
video: new infectious disease spreads in large areas of china*
music as medicine: docs use tunes as treatment*

will obama end 'war on drugs'?*
student’s marijuana speech ends with flourish – & trip to jail*

without congressional approval or legislative authority,
obama plans for govt to take majority interest in general motors
gm to sell hummer to chinese companyvideo: general motors files for bankruptcy*
US manufacturer general motors declares bankruptcy*
gm to sell hummer to chinese company*
gm to lose opel after nurturing it through recessions & nazis*
grand theft auto: how stevie the rat bankrupted general motors*
manipulation: how financial markets really work*
US manufacturing sector contracts for 16th straight month*
krugman: inflation fearmongering is a right-wing plot*
geithner in china, says US concerned about the deficits*
why the chinese laughed at geithner*
the big collapse could be very near*
dollar declines as nations mull reserve currency alternative*
leap in US debt hits taxpayers with 12% more red ink *
california now faces budget cuts 'beyond draconian'*
california's state parks are on chopping block*
from hero to zero: schwarzenegger & california's abyss*
foreclosed florida homes considered for hurricane housing*
ireland set to go bust, claims economic historian*
germany blasts 'powers of the fed'*
daniel estulin's "true story of the bilderberg group" &
what they may be planning now

last titanic survivor dies at 97*
cia withheld documents on jfk murder from president clinton*
cia was responsible for the assassination of jfk*
how a sleazy news story about jfk went unreported*
celebrity pathologist, cyril wecht, cleared*
hendrix 'was murdered' by his manager, claims roadie*
US doubles funds for agent orange cleanup*
co-pilot who bombed nagasaki is dead*
adolf hitler, up close - new photos from skull & bones life mag*
obscure 1943 book reveals german plan for world government*

bruno & eminem stunt 'was rehearsed'*

obamessiah & the apostles of war:
obamas' latest date: flight to nyc for dinner & a show*
obamas' latest date: flight to nyc for dinner & a showbloomberg touts obamas' 'affordable' night on broadway*
in president obama, american muslims find new ally*
video: cheney confuses obama with osama*
no 'change you can believe in' for obama ambassadors*
bush/clinton joke & defend each other in canada*
ex-gop congressman says sotomayor part of 'latino kkk'*
osama speaks as obama lands in saudi arabia*
obama seeks saudi king's advice before cairo speech*
obama's occult health care symbolism*
obama names house republican to top army post*
it’s increasingly evident that obama should resign*
muslim brotherhood among invitees to obama speech*
bush told journalist: if elected "i'm going to invade iraq"*
obl: the 8yr long psyop*
osama slams obama in new tape*
audio: criminal liddy claims obama born in kenya*
video: obama vows 'new beginning' with islam*
obama seeks islam 'common ground'*
obama mentions 'world order' & dismisses 'that some question... the events of 9/11' in cairo speech*
obama's election has been a boon to liberal think tanks & lobbying firms*
source claims obama intel pick tied to cia torture program*
obama's speech in egypt warns not to challenge official 9/11 story*
obama admits US involvement in iran coup in 1953,
but doesn't admit american involvement in false flags

police state int'l:
as of june 1st, we’re all prisoners in the USA*
florida county to fingerprint for video games salesUS violates human rights humiliating air passengers*
homeland security to scan fingerprints of travellers exiting the US*
new york city's eco-cops*
florida county to fingerprint for video games sales*
boston cops getting more semiautomatic assault rifles*
marines train 'civilians' to accept coming martial law*
support your local 'domestic warrior-heroes' - or get kicked in the head*
US firm says handheld puke ray is ready to go*
ny state, local agencies hold 'dirty bomb' exercise*
wilmington, nc wants surveillance cameras to record every license plate*
uk mother 'too stupid' to keep child*
uk 10yr olds taught how to spot a terrorist in police dvd*
video: grandmother tasered at traffic stop*
video: man says cops don’t own him, is tased, then escapes*
ruling allowing taser use to get dna may be nation’s first*
detention & the constitution*
taxpayer subsidized organization’s cover-up of sexual abuse*
islamic group says newburgh 4 'not real muslims'*
new charges filed against newburgh 4*
newburgh 4 plead not guilty in plot to bomb synagogue*
internet radio host hal turner faces connecticut charges*
fbi operative hal turner arrested*
US intel officials link groups listed in dhs 'extremist' reports to al-qaeda bioattack*
dhs takes seriously claim militias may collaborate with al-qaeda on bioattack*
new doc pays homage to maverick patriot aaron russo*

american death squad:
obama inherits cheney's army of assassins – and promotes their commander
US broke bombing rules in afghanistanft lewis nco faces sex trafficking charge*
US army closes ft campbell for 3 days after suicide surge*
study says female marine recruits lax on sex*
army investigates nude photos at fort dix*
general apologizes for tillman 'confusion'*
inside the military’s secret terror-tagging tech*
US broke bombing rules in afghanistan*
more senior military sources confirm rape & sodomy at abu ghraib*
video: former detainee says torture still going on*
did mancow fake his waterboarding for publicity?*

wv worry:
judge arranges sterilization as part of charleston woman's probation*
have west virginia officials lost their minds when it comes to water safety standards?*
obama caves in to coal pressure,
approves 42 mountaintop mining permits in wv

byrd hospital stay extended by staph infection*

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