Tuesday, September 30, 2008

september clearinghouse

selection '08
video of pow mccain's release surfaces*
controversy spreads over libertarian presidential nominee bob barr*
palin husband ordered to testify*
alaska panel ok's 'troopergate' subpoena for todd palin*
todd palin may be subpoenaed in 'troopergate' investigation*
subpoenaed witnesses fail to show for 'troopergate' hearing*
video: palin talks lightly about nuclear war*
palin leaves open option of war with russia*
pro-mccain yard sign shows burning twin towers*
the obama assassination plot that wasn’t*
woody allen: nothing funny about obama losing*
president palin*
nader drawing votes - from mccain*
council for national policy dominionists who vetted sarah palin*
palin meets with kissinger*
mccain to suspend campaigning to deal with crisis*
obama: times too serious to put campaign on hold*
1926 sci-fi novel predicts a US election determined by race & gender*
video: hackers planning to steal election for mccain*

police state usa
‘einstein’ replaces ‘big brother’ in internet surveillance*
man threatens suit over seizure of videocamera after he tapes portland police rousting two men*
dallas to increase number of surveillance cameras*
video: why eliot spitzer was assassinated
(read eliot spitzer's suicide note: 'predatory lenders' partner in crime'*
US schools pay classroom informants*
jetblue reopens jfk terminal after grenade scare*
video: rise of the fourth reich: alex jones interviews jim marrs*
jim marrs on the rise of the fourth reich*
video: jim marrs: bailout… and suspension of the elections?*
army to build 'minority report' fast iris scan*
spies warn that al-CIAda aims for october surprise*
video: military initiates martial law missions oct 1*
US troops In homeland 'crowd control' patrols from october 1st*
why is a US army brigade being assigned to the 'homeland'?*
feds give customs agents free hand to seize travelers’ documents*
an exercise in security at 150 railroad stations*
pandemic flu exercise underway in illinois*
US homeland security to utilize physiological screeners to pinpoint terrorists*
exercise tests border readiness*
police may stop responding to some crimes*
cubic corp: nyc-wmd disaster scenario*
senate passes bill creating copyright czar*
copyright czar's fate in bush's hands; veto looms*
documents reveal massive dhs border spying ops*
video: rep burgess says congress 'under martial law' to pass banker bailout bill*
video: rep kaptur warns 'there are domestic enemies to the republic'*
wwiii drills codenamed joint warrior*
congresswoman: criminal insiders behind bailout bill*
martial law hysteria taken out of context*
army's deal with sears has some seeing red
bush had no plan to catch bin laden after 9/11*
clarion responds, as new details emerge about 'radical islam' dvd*
ex-cia official, dusty foggo, pleads guilty to fraud*
a timeline of US policy disasters*
software lets users manipulate passport data*
bill would ban suspicionless laptop searches*
directed energy weapons/active denial systems*

officials: texas lab with dangerous pathogens secured*
media blackout on west side of galveston*
air force sprays mosquitoes*
fda proposes regulations for genetically engineered animals*
13K infants hospitalized due to tainted milk*
contaminated baby's milk induces wave of child illness in china*
animals sick from chinese milk*
media cries foul when county stops fluoridating water*
mobile phone use 'raises children’s risk of brain cancer fivefold'*
media reports exaggerate cell phone risks again*
video: peta urges ben & jerry's to use human milk*
peta: 'use human breast milk in ice cream'*
army investigating possible chemical exposure*
officials urge more americans to get flu shots*
heart disease & diabetes linked to plastics*
british water might be laced with drugs

new documentary features jfk’s connection to hyannisport*
jfk's 'sacred ground'*
3 reasons jfk was murdered*
jfk's murder solved by smu physics?*

messing with the zohan*
'i am legend' & the depopulation agenda*
spike lee's wwii film causes uproar in italy*

ron paul
ron paul's presidential endorsement. for real, this time*
ron paul endorses constitution party nominee chuck baldwin for president*
video: ron paul on fox*
video: ron paul on the failed bailout vote*

'manchurian' candidate cover story for american mind control experimentation: US pow's during the korean war*
witness changed her story during rosenberg spy case*
35yrs after original 9/11: new transcripts of kissinger’s role in chilean coup*
usaid key weapon in dirty war on latin america*
flashback to 1994: american militia, media spin*
nazi-linked corporations: paying the piper, reaping the returns*
coca-cola & the nazis: british comedian publicizes coke's nazi past*

shanghai cooperation organization starts anti-terror drill in russia*
russian nuclear warship & venezuela war games*
kim jong Il may have suffered stroke, intel official says*
kim's death could destablize north korea*
no one convicted of terror plot to bomb planes*
liquid bomb 'terror plot' collapses in court*
israeli hacker known as 'the analyzer' suspected of hacking again*
israeli police want olmert indicted*
olmert to resign as israeli prime minister*
livni wins party vote to succeed olmert in israel*
video: terrorist's daughter is new israeli prime minister!*
israel asked US for green light to bomb 'nuclear sites' in iran*
bob baer: bet on israel bombing iran*
ukraine’s government falls apart*
video: ukraine's government collapses*
blair goes back to school - as yale religion prof*
US warns of punitive measures against russia*
australia plans mass surveillance system*
china false flag? saic, fcs, stratcom +*
russian nuke bomber flies within 90 seconds of uk*
pentagon’s new africacom raises suspicions about US motives*

calls for a global monetary authority*
US mint suspends sale of 24-karat gold coins*
no bailout for wall st*
video: how the markets really work (from 2007)*
who is henry paulson?*
bailout failure ‘will cause US crash’*
protests on wall st: what the news media isn't showing you*
uk govt nationalizes bradford & bingley*
a global financial system?*
dow drops 777 points*
‘1929 was for pussies’*
house website crumbles under weight of complaints*

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