Monday, March 31, 2008

march clearinghouse

russian general predicts april 6 attack on iran*
middle school kids threatened with terrorist watch list*
airport screening makeover promises soothing music, see-through x-rays*
urine tester guilty of using drugs*
paul campaign goes on*
why ron paul scares the gop*
obama: i don't carry a cfr card or know any 'special handshake'*
hope, change, & pissing in the wind, 'of obama, democrats, & the power elite'*
obama's family tree expanded to include the bushes*
echoes of 1968 return to haunt the divided democrats*
food stamp use nears record*
kids thumbscan for school lunch*
kids loaned out for rape cruises*
30 years of the billboard liberation front*
protesters arrested at anti-scientology event in atlanta*
church of scientology's 'operating thetan' documents leaked online*
scientology sets sights on african expansion*
banned film 'the profit' appears on web*
pentagon’s pain compliance & mind control weapons*
disaster action plan inspires hope*
national response framework, resource center*
study: 'natural' goods have petrochemical*
'body of war': new doc tells the story of a paralyzed iraq war veteran coming to terms with disability & speaking out against war*
sources: air marshals missing from almost all flights*
sirius plan to buy xm gets antitrust approval*
iraqi cleric bans pepsi & coca-cola*
banks face 'new world order'*
the vereflu bird flu detection chip unleashed*
government watch list includes thousands, some unexpected*
intelfusion: microsoft picks up where darpa left off*
frontline's timid traq retrospective*
frontline: bush's war*
fingerprint scans replace clocking in*
nyc cops beat the shit out of peaceful tibetan protesters*
trial scheme to breathalyse children*
police: US capitol gunman had bomb*
fdic plans staff boost for bank failures*
court says moore did not defame iraq war veteran with documentary*
is an international financial conspiracy driving world events?*
margaret cho questions 9/11*
patriot act used in drug case*
gmo & morgellons disease*
npr: national pentagon radio*
exercise tests communication in event of domestic crisis*
new centcom chief sworn in*
chase mortgage memo pushes 'cheats & tricks'*
9/11: the case for controlled demolition*
global hawk uav achieves record 33hr flight*
rfid credit card hacked*
wrong people arrested on iraq war anniversary*
feds tout new domestic intelligence centers*
america lauds mlk, but undermines his legacy every day*
cia: al qaeda recruits 'western' fighters*
bush booed as he throws inaugural pitch at nationals home opener*
US to step up pre-election security*
landroid robots to support communications in urban combat*
stratcom rules!*
mtv warns viewers of looming police state*
not an easy $40k for turdblossom*
president bush sings farewell tune at journalists' dinner*
riots hoarding & panic*
wiretapping focus shifts to email, as firms move data overseas*
north american union pr campaign confirmed*
a glimpse into the wilderness awareness school*
'cyberstorm' vendor hacked in attack on gamers*
state dept: anti-zionism is the new anti-semitism*
british teachers told to rewrite iraq invasion history*
nsa rebuilds tia*
air force using nazi, dead kennedys anthem*
who is rev. moon?*
the deployment of US troops inside canada*
the federal reserve is destroying america*
bernanke saves bear stearns while americans live in tents*
bush taps wainstein as new homeland security adviser*
iraq war protesters take to the streets*
rfid technology keeps track of school bus riders*
do street protests still work?*
man deficates in homeland security office*

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