Sunday, October 08, 2006

phony foes

"but i thought they wuz enemies..."

Gore and Murdoch join forces in TV deal
from financial times: Al Gore, the former US vice-president, is bringing his user-generated content television channel to the UK, courtesy of James Murdoch’s British Sky Broadcasting.

Mr Gore launched Current TV, the US channel made of clips created by viewers and producers, in August last year, and said that the channel was "democratising television."

Mr Murdoch, who has claimed that BSkyB was the first media company in the world to go carbon neutral, and Mr Gore share their passion for the environment. Mr Murdoch invited Mr Gore to the gathering of News Corp’s executives at Pebble Beach, California, this summer.

Listen to audio excerpts from Emiko Terazono’s interview with Al Gore and James Murdoch

phony foesMurdoch fund-raiser for Clinton creates buzz
Outrage, confusion in political circles over media mogul’s decision
from msnbc: Media mogul Rupert Murdoch, whose Fox News Channel and other conservative news outlets have been skewering Hillary Rodham Clinton for years, will host a summer fund-raiser for the senator, mystifying some observers and enraging others.

Especially incensed are liberal activists, who for months have decried what they see as a shift to a right on Clinton’s part as the Democrat contemplates a run for president in 2008. They are stunned that she is associating with a man viewed as a cornerstone of the "vast right-wing conspiracy," a term Clinton herself employed.

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