Sunday, June 19, 2011

peace revolution: episode033 - educational initiations of self

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Episode033 notes/references\links

1. Invitation to the Tragedy and Hope online community
2. Peace Revolution primary site (2009-2011)
3. Peace Revolution backup stream (2006-2011)
4. Tragedy and Hope dot com (all of our media, free to the public)
5. “A Peaceful Solution” by Willie Nelson w/thanks to the Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute
6. (It uses Google’s search algorithm, but doesn’t collect your private info and search history)
     a. StartPage search engine Firefox add-on
7. “Education Without Enlightenment Can Be Dangerous” by Manly P. Hall
8. Navigating Netflix dot com / Episode 01: The Experiment

Peace Revolution partner podcasts:
Corbett Report dot com
Media Monarchy dot com
Gnostic Media Podcast
School Sucks Project Podcast
Meria dot net

Other productions of ours:
Sky TV Channel Listings for Hijacking Humanity by Paul Verge (2006)
Top Documentary Films dot com: Hijacking Humanity by Paul Verge (2006)
Top Documentary Films dot com: Exposing the Noble Lie (2010)
Top Documentary Films dot com: The Pharmacratic Inquisition by Jan Irvin (2007)

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