Wednesday, August 15, 2012

#Newspurge: Live The Life You're Dreaming Of

JPM, Barclays Said Among Banks to Get Libor Subpoenas*

Unemployment Benefits Go to Millionaires Because of a Loophole in Current Law*
Like Athletes who Dope, Wall Street’s High-Speed Traders Try to Keep Ahead of Regulators*
#Audio #Satire: U.S. Department Of Corruption Denies Right-Doing*

Summer of Strategic Tension*

Summer of Strategic Tension
The Birth of the Palestinian Nation*
Sinai Terror Attacks Portend Gold Mine for Israeli Military-Intelligence Services*
Ecuador Grants Asylum to WikiLeaks' Assange, Defying Britain*
British Warship Exercises with Middle East US Carrier Strike Group*
Making Scotland the Green Energy Capital of Europe*
Two earthquakes in Iran kill 250 and injure 1,800 - Quakes were 6.4 and 6.3 in magnitude*
Putin Confirms the Invasion of Georgia Was Preplanned*
Russian Punk Band Is Found Guilty for Anti-Putin Protest*
Venezuela plans a ‘guerrilla army’ against US invasion*
Troubled Times: Wave of Suicides Shocks Greece*
Kazakhstan predicts opening of the U.S. military base in Uzbekistan*
#Japan May Deport Activists Arrested on Island Claimed by #China*
#SouthKorea singer swims into island dispute with #Japan*
Soccer association wants to end #Olympics controversy with #SouthKorea*

Video: Conservative filmmaker behind ‘2016: Obama’s America’ says he ‘learned some lessons’ from Michael Moore, prepares for wide release*

#Obamessiah / #Amnesty: Illegal #immigrants line up at consulates across country for '#DREAM'-er applications*
Beer but no bumper cars as Obama magic slips in Iowa*
Who is @PaulRyanVP?*
Oops: Romney Gaffes, Introduces Ryan as the ‘Next President of the United States’*
Romney accidentally intro'ed Ryan as the next President. Obama did the same intro'ing Biden 4 years ago*
More than 10,000 Said to Attend First #Romney-#Ryan Campaign Event in #Wisconsin*
“Path to Prosperity” — Paul Ryan’s Budget Plan — Doesn’t Include Federal Workers*
Yes, Ron Wyden built that Medicare plan with Paul Ryan*
Videos surface of Dems, including President Obama, praising Paul Ryan*
#Reminder: Politics is just like professional wrestling... An Ex-Wrestling Executive Wins a G.O.P. Primary*
Investigation Turns Up Only 10 Cases of Voter Impersonation Nationwide…in 10 Years*
Video: US Bain Capital's ties to Latin American 'death squads'*

Police State Updates:
#CivilWar of 2016: “Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland: A ‘Vision’ of the Future.”*

G4S failure proves we can't rely on private sector; state organisations like the Army could be relied upon*
Ammo? What Ammo? : DHS Takes Unprecedented Step of Redacting Mass Ammunition Purchase*
Obama Keeps Fighting in Court to Jail Americans Indefinitely without Trial*
Agency probes JFK security breach by jet skier*
Video: Privatized eminent domain on steroids*
Video: No fly zone...over Toronto?*
Video: "Toronto G20 Exposed"*
Video: Surveillance as a profit center;
NYPD Unveils Orwellian ‘Domain Awareness System’

West Virginia Worry:
Owner of mine made famous on Spike TV's 'Coal' is being sued over unpaid production royalties*

EPA allies want state strip mine ruling overturned: MORGANTOWN, W.Va.*
DHHR confirms 3 cases of swine flu in West Virginia*

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