Friday, July 20, 2012

Episode266 - Feel Good Hit Of The Summer

Episode266 - Feel Hit Of The Summer
"Take the trouble to decide the things you do, will not be the things that don't appeal to you" on Media Monarchy: Episode266 - Feel Good Hit Of The Summer w/ 'Dark Knight' Politics, Promethean Grove and Communications Control - 'Newsroom' 'Network', False Catharsis and the "Into The Fire" Newspurge + Soft-Kill Secrets on Food World Order - Reality Rules in Cyber/Space\War - Monumental ZiOlympics on Holy Hexes + "Mainline" Music by Queens Of The Stone Age, Deep Purple, Uncle Lionel Batiste and the Treme Brass Band, Kitty Wells, Dick Haymes and so very much more...

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spystyle said...

I smoked for 15 years ! The only way I could quit was to use the Allen Carr method. Please listen to the Allen Carr audio book "Easy Way to Stop Smoking" or read the book. I tried like a dozen methods to quit, including mountain climbing - forget it. Only Allen Carr can untangle that mess in a smoker's head and free them for life. I am 3 years without a single butt, not a single patch, nothing but freedom from those stinky sticks.

spystyle said...

By the way - if you listen to Allen Carr "Easy Way" audio CD, you can skip the intro track, it sucks, that's the first track - the rest is wonderfully narrated by a professional speaker named Duncan Wells :) You can quit smoking for life in just 6 hours. I did, I referred back to it a lot for the first year. It is an excellent audio book that uses critical thinking and logic to FREE YOU from this SLAVERY called smoking ! Also, I am Craig from Maine :) An avid listener. I really enjoy your shows :) I'd be happy to help you get past this smoking problem :) You will love being free from cigarettes, I never miss them, I breathe deeply and I focus better :) Rock on! Craig

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