Tuesday, May 01, 2012

May Day #Mayday! "Sunlight Glistens Off Soaring New Towers"

Twilight Language: Sunlight Glistens Off Soaring New Towers...*
May Day #Mayday! 'Sunlight Glistens Off Soaring New Towers'
#NineEleven: #WorldTradeCenter tower surpasses #EmpireState*
Occupy Beltane*
Occupy Beltane: Anarchists Plot To Bomb Cuyahoga Bridge *
Occupy Beltane: Where's Obama?*
May Day demonstrations disrupt downtown Portland, Seattle*
May Day 2012 in Oregon (Photo Essay)*
William Ayers in Portland addresses 'Days of Rage' and years of reflection*
Academia Becomes Occupied With Occupy Movement*
Creating Innovators: Why America's Education System Is Obsolete*
Video: Were the #SanFrancisco #Vandals Paid Provocateurs?*
Video: Obama Info Czar Cass Sunstein Confronted on Cognitive Infiltration of Conspiracy Groups*
5 arrested for allegedly trying to blow up Ohio bridge*
Neocon Think Tank Cites Cleveland Bust to Push Police State Surveillance*
New York subway bomb plot man found guilty after terrorism trial*
While In Afghanistan Obama Quietly Signed An Important Foreign Policy Deal*
White House moves to align US, foreign regulations*
Is Pentagon Missile Defense Plan Just a $124 Billion Fantasy?*
Military to show Guantanamo proceedings at 4 US bases*
9/11 Mastermind Says He Wants to Die; Gitmo Trial May Be His Chance*
Pentagon admits it has no photo evidence of Bin Laden's death*
President Obama, Warrior in Chief*
In death, bin Laden still drives US foreign policy*
Video: No-Fly Zone To Be Enforced By Shoot-To-Kill Order During NATO Summit (Chicago)*
Video: Preparation and plans to evacuate Chicago*
Looks like Bilderberg 2012 in US Chantilly Va. 31May-01Jun*
Video: Bilderberg 2012 Location Confirmed - Jim Tucker Reports*
UK military prepare for '9/11-type attack'*
Video: London being militarized with SAM missiles*
U.S. Appeals Court Clears Torture Memo Author*
Video: Coronor Michael Cormier’s Death Fuels Andrew Breitbart 'Conspiracy Theories'*
Waitress says Secret Service partied in Salt Lake City, too*
Fearful China dissident wants to leave country: reports*
Map shows US bases encircle Iran*
New US Stealth Fighters Now at Iran’s Back Door*
IDF Conducts ‘Lebanon Attack’ Drill*
Israel Approves Call Up of 22 Additional Battalions to Secure Egypt, Syria Borders*
U.S. Export to Mexico: Murder Weapons*
Video: Obama's bloodiest scandal and its shameless cover-up*

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