Thursday, March 29, 2012

#Newspurge: Cream and Bastards Rise

#MegaMillions Jackpot soars to largest ever!*

#MegaMillions Jackpot soars to largest ever!$540M lottery has states anticipating tax jackpot*
Video: Experts warn potential winners of big money risks*
Video: The Ridiculist - Mega Millions*
Bernanke Claims Fed Averted Second Great Depression By Bailing Out 'Too Big To Fail' Banks*
Queen's banker fined for poor money laundering checks*
European Crisis Explanation... For Dummies From Greeks*
Video: Financial "Crisis" in Greece*

North American Leaders Summit and Reviving Trilateral Integration*

Nuclear Summit Produces Few Significant Outcomes*
Foreign Office fights order to disclose 'key phone call' between Bush and Blair*
Russian Show Besmirching Protesters Stirs Outrage*
I'm in control of Mali, declares coup leader Amadou Sanogo*
Can the Brics create a new world order?*
Drone strikes in Yemen soar as U.S. stokes 'secret war'*
Obama’s Hypocrisy Grows With Each Drone Attack*

“This is my last election…
after my election I have more flexibility.”

Justices End Historic Three Days of Debate on Health-Care Law*
3 days of hearings over, 2 justices may be key*
Video: Gingrich loses ‘sugar daddy’ Adelson*

Oregon Oddities:
What the Muck? Portland Harbor is a toxic embarrassment,
there's plenty of blame to go around

What the Muck? Portland Harbor is a toxic embarrassment, there's plenty of blame to go aroundWetter-than-normal March shows no signs of stopping as rain drenches northwest Oregon*
Fast-food chains rev up food trucks*
Oregon fire crews pull horse from septic tank*
Portland police captain who put up memorial plaques to Nazi soldiers now providing bureau leadership training*

West Virginia Worry:
Earl Ray Tomblin, West Virginia Governor, Joins Others In Blasting EPA*

Ex-mine chief pleads guilty to 2010 W.Virginia blast charge*
Flu Shots Required at more hospitals in Kanawha County*

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