Thursday, January 12, 2012

1/12 newspurge: tomorrow never dies

9/11 updates:
Video: NY judge drops Binladen Group as 9/11 defendant*

Sept. 11 Memorial Obscures a Police Cadet’s Bravery*

Video: 'Doomsday Clock' moves closer to midnight on fears about Fukushima, Iran, Korea*

'Doomsday Clock' moves forward on worries about Fukushima, Iran, Korea WorriesOhio Injection Well Shut After Quake*
Scientist believes drilling injections set off Youngstown earthquakes*
Earthquake swarm hit Christchurch on New Year*
Earthquake hits Japan, leaves little damage*
'Very shallow' M4.8 quake hits Fukushima region*
Tepco Said to Seek $2T Yen in Loans to Stay Solvent*
The Chemtrail Business*

U.S. Agents Aided Mexican Drug Trafficker to Infiltrate Ring*

Activists say Washington holds key to ending drug war in Mexico*
Many US communities are blocking medical marijuana*
For Portland's dope king, love and mistrust*
Friendly fire by ex-Nassau cop likely killed hero ATF agent at drugstore holdup*
Anxious Days for Long Island Pharmacies*
FDA warns of pill mix-up with powerful painkiller drugs from Endo Pharma, though risks are low*

Obama to Send US Troops to South Sudan*
Brzezinksi on 8 Geopolitically Endangered Species That Will Suffer From America's Decline*

obamessiah updates:
Obama raised $68 million in fourth quarter*

Audio: Tarpley Says Paul's $1T Austerity Cuts Would Ravage US, Bust Unions, Can't Balance Budget*
Is Ron Paul getting too much media attention?*
Ron Paul lays bare hypocrisy in clash with CNN*
Ron Paul's Iowa Finish: "Biggest Fraud Since Kennedy Stole the West Virginia Primary"*
Video: 'Wellstone: They Killed Him'*

oregon oddities:
"I Tasted the Blood of My Enemy in My Mouth"*

Portland man gets 10 years -- and punch in the face -- for killing*
Video: Environmental activist Tre Arrow turns up in a Southeast Portland tree*
Advocates to start collecting signatures for soda-tax initiative*
State police investigate pick for top library post*
Cornilles claims Democratic elite that defended David Wu now wants to buy election for Bonamici*

police state updates:
GITMO: Obama’s Broken Promise Protested*

The Worst Police Misconduct Videos of 2011*

wv worry:
Mason sheriff indicted on 42 counts*

Families settle all wrongful death claims from Upper Big Branch disaster*
W.Va. settlements don't end Alpha's legal troubles*

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