Thursday, November 24, 2011

11/24 newspurge: won't start revolutions, but we're giving it a whirl

9/11 updates:
video: ron paul says flawed policies helped lead to 9/11*

on 9/11, the US military was preparing for a simulated nuclear war*
video: the curious case of united airlines flight 23 on 9/11*

scientists mutate bird flu to make it more contagious -
but critics claim the 'bioweapon' must be kept secret

merck pays $950m for vioxx illegal marketing & dangers…but no jail time*
video: octopus crawls out of water and walks on dry land*

1 in 5 american adults takes psychiatric drugs*

report: 1 in 5 of US adults on behavioral meds*
medical marijuana target of US prosecutors*
pentagon's war on drugs goes mercenary*
mexican drug war rages as US focuses on afghanistan*
new rhetoric, same old drug war policies:
drug czar addresses african-american community
police raid shock at high times cannabis cup*

the doomsday project & deep events:
jfk, watergate, iran-contra & 9/11

video: today in history for 11/24*

ignorance is bliss when it comes to challenging social issues*

netflix shares hit lowest in over a year*
video: 'cursing' baby doll upsets parents*
'itsy bitsy' songwriter lee pockriss dies*
video: perry como 'catch a falling star'*

natalie wood death case to be reopened:
yacht captain blames robert wagner

'suicides' linked to penn state*
osu coaches die in plane crash*
florida a&m band director fired after suspected hazing death*
greg halman, seattle mariners outfielder, stabbed to death in his native netherlands at 24*
garrett uekman, arkansas razorbacks tight end, dead at 19*
uc berkeley student killed by police was motivational speaker*
father sought for murder in nj toddler's drowning*
suspects in arizona most likely to die during arrests*
plane with 6 aboard crashes east of phoenix*
authorities arrest 7 ohio men on federal hate crime charges in amish beard cutting attacks*
customers describe scene of chaos after woman attacks with pepper spray at los angeles wal-mart*
video: georgia nail salon 'wilding' brawl seriously injures a teenager*

obamessiah updates:
obama issues first commutation of sentence*

who is oscar ortega-hernandez & why did he allegedly try to kill obama*
the roots play fishbone's "lyin' ass bitch" as michele bachmann's intro on jimmy fallon*
video: fishbone's "lyin' ass bitch"*

oregon oddities:
with regret for allowing past executions,
oregon governor bans death penalty for rest of term

op-ed: halting oregon execution a bold political move*

police state updates:
ladies & gentlemen, say hello to the @PepperSprayCop*

ladies & gentlemen, say hello to the @PepperSprayCopairport screening still a pain, fliers complain*
9 reasons wired readers should wear tinfoil hats*
vast surveillance system tracks everyone driving around dc*

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