Thursday, November 17, 2011

11/17 newspurge: desert skies, desert lights

9/11 updates:
as 9/11 remains are identified, grief is renewed*

video: 'family guy' 9/11 gag: did they finally go too far this time?*
penn state: college football's 9/11*
video: 9/11 pentagon debate w/ craig ranke vs anthony summers*

US govt confirms link between quakes & fracking*

epa has long history of releasing news on fridays…when public least likely to pay attention*
gulf toxicology report accuses bp & coast guard of killing birds & threatening news helicopter*
why is obama spending $433m on experimental smallpox drug when last case was in 1949?*
obama pushes ahead with $6b plutonium lab in new mexico*

mexico sours on drug war*

mexico's drug war: billions of dollars, thousands of deaths*
journalists report drug war despite risks*
bizarre 'drug war' erupts in remote nepal*

banks quietly ramp up consumer fees*

number of uninsured (and untreated) americans grows*
US gives millionaires $30b/year in tax breaks & payments*
we have entered the first of four phases that will destroy fiat money*
obama calls on europe to back the euro*
video: esm tο μεγάλο κόλπο λεηλασίας! (ελληνικοί υπότιτλοι)*

socializing losses, trilateral takeover of europe?*
flashback: league of nations holds its first meeting in geneva on nov5, 1920*
berlusconi resigns as prime minister amid italian debt crisis*
israel government denies cyber-attack, says malfunction brought down websites*
iran loses top missile expert in explosions*
was israel behind a deadly explosion at iranian missile base?*
did israel attack iran?*
police seize biggest rio slum as world cup clean-up begins*
ground-to-air missiles could be deployed at london olympics*
video: 100,000 to die at the london olympics?*

the queen's hidden cousins: banished to an asylum in 1941 & left neglected now an intriguing documentary reveals all*

authorities reopen probe into natalie wood's 1981 drowning death*

video: if you ever had any doubt the media is controlled...*

video: morrissey allows smiths cover for christmas advert*
woody allen revealed: an 'american masters' documentary illuminates the elusive genius*
netflix subs offered class-action payout from wal-mart*
'wizard of oz' munchkin karl slover dies at 93*
bil keane, creator of 'family circus' comic strip, dies at 89*
smokin' joe frazier, former heavyweight boxing champion, dead at 67*
video: heavy d, iconic 90's rapper, dies at 44*

breivik, norway killer of 77 on 7/22, appears in court*

charles manson 'follower' tex watson seeks parole for the 14th time*
drudge: black man charged with burning cross on own lawn*
conrad murray found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in michael jackson's death*
ex-employee opens fire at fedex building in bedford park*
e carolina university lifts 'unfounded' campus lock-down*
video: close call with chainsaw on live tv*

shooting suspect says obama the antichrist*

white house shooting suspect charged with attempted assassination*
cain stumbles in interview*

oregon oddities:
got light? masons advertising on trimet*

got light? masons advertising on trimetsurvey asks 1,000 portland women if they know what's in makeup & hygiene products*
review of 'letters from the big man'*
police boot #ows, with batons and all*

police state updates:
on 2-month anniversary, 400 occupiers arrested*

US cities target protest camps, standoff in portland*
police try to clear nyc park of #ows protesters, the end or a new beginning?*
lrad sound weapon at zuccotti park*
occupy wall street pictures*
video: protester calls for violence*
california city approves spy plane to fly overhead*

an army apart: the widening military-civilian gap - 45,000 troops are coming home to a country that doesn't know them*

an army apart: the widening military-civilian gap - 45,000 troops are coming home to a country that doesn't know themvideo: teachers out, troops in at uk schools*
US set to end 20yrs of bombing iraq*
special ops command says osama raid book is 'a lie'*

wv worry:
'we are marshall': annual memorial service honors 75 victims of 1970 plane crash*

plane crash ceremony honors 75 victims*
video: ceremony marks 41st anniversary*

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