Thursday, October 06, 2011

exclusive sights & sounds from day1 of #OccupyPortland

tune in to episode234 to hear interviews with attendees ... see a few original photos posted below

#OccupyPortland peaceful rally, march attracts thousands* hits town with cast of thousands for massive, peaceful demonstration*
over 5,000 turn out for #OccupyPortland*
#OccupyPortland begins*
twitter plays role in #OccupyPortland*
#OccupyPDX begins: 1000s march for economic justice*
willamette week's liveblog on #OccupyPortland*
#OccupyPortland on facebook*
meanwhile, occupy dc begins on 10th anniversary of afghan war*
#OccupyWallStreet protests full of useful idiot communists & socialists*
second wave of protests unleashed targeting federal reserve*
#OccupyWallStreet tax proposal is backed by wall street itself*
why are #ows protesters repeating white house talking points?*
a message to on attempted co-opt of occupy protests*
tarpley: who wants to hijack the movement?*

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Morgan Lesko said...

Thanks James, this is great! I've uploaded some videos from the first day of Occupy Sacramento here...

Occupy Sacramento Day 1 Video Mixtape: Marches, Signs and Voices

Occupy Sacramento Night 1 UStream Clips: Demonstrations & Arrests by Polite Police

Occupy Everything, and participate hard to avoid the co-opting of this movement! ;)

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