Monday, September 12, 2011

remedy radio: episode008 - david williams of matrix solutions

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remedy radio: episode008 - david williams of matrix solutionsIn this interview we talk with David Williams, about his work, about Lawful Immunity, how a nation-state works, analogies of the Matrix films, and his website, Matrix Solutions, which promotes The Right of Self Determination, which is discussed in our interview.

video: episode008 - david williams of matrix solutions

From - "There’s a nag­ging feel­ing that some­thing just isn’t right with the world. It’s a splin­ter in your mind that won’t let you truly rest. You feel it, but you can’t quan­tify it. You know it, but you can’t explain it. You’re told to accept things as they’re explained, even if the expla­na­tion doesn’t make sense. You know things, but you don’t know how. You’ve asked the ques­tion, “Why?” You’ve asked it so often you wonder if any­one is listening.

Some­one is listening...

The pur­pose of this site is to open the eyes and minds of a group of peo­ple who have been duped into believ­ing a lie from birth. It’s a small group, a select group, but a group which will drive the wave of under­stand­ing in the years to come. The lie is all around you, encased in a thin veneer of real­ity that is as frag­ile as an autumn leaf, and barely con­ceals the truth beneath.

This real­iza­tion comes as a shock to most, but we’ll show not only the prob­lem, but solu­tions to the prob­lem which make sense and won’t land you in jail. In order for what you learn here to make sense, you need to sus­pend your mis­placed trust in the sta­tus quo. It has never served you the way you wanted it to, any­way. You’ll need to leave the safety and com­fort of igno­rance and step out into the cold real­ity of truth. Be care­ful, though, because once the veil is lifted there is no going back.

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